Everett Crane

Chief Financial Officer

“It’s rewarding and energizing to go home each day knowing I’ve helped bring opportunities to people with disabilities. I love what PRIDE Industries stands for and I love the mission we’re on.”

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Supporting the Mission

As Chief Financial Officer, Everett is responsible for PRIDE Industries’ finance, accounting, risk management, internal audit, compliance, and legal departments. A seasoned financial executive, Everett has the expert leadership, strategic thinking, and management skills needed to manage the finances and compliance obligations of a mission-based social enterprise like PRIDE Industries. Everett took the financial helm of PRIDE Industries just weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet even during a time of unprecedented challenge, Everett was able to expertly guide the company’s financial and administrative teams, ensuring the uninterrupted cash flow that supports the organization’s mission.

Expertise in his Field

Everett has extensive experience in acquisitions, financial planning and analysis, investment, ROI analysis, NPI analysis/portfolio review, executive management, and strategic planning. Prior to joining PRIDE Industries, Everett was the CFO of Young Automotive Group, a high-growth company with over $600 million in revenue across 16 automotive dealerships. There, Everett oversaw the company’s banking relationships, finance and accounting operations, legal and risk management, insurance programs, mergers and acquisitions, employee retirement and health plans, and internal and external reporting.

The Great Outdoors

Everett earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Brigham Young University. Before receiving his MBA, he graduated with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Business Management (with an emphasis in Finance) from Brigham Young University – Idaho. When he’s not at work, Everett likes to head outdoors for snowboarding, boating, camping, hiking, shooting hoops at the local gym, or watching his kids play sports.

Our Mission Matters to Me

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