Training for Employees

Build an Engaged and Productive Workforce

Many employers want to build a more inclusive workforce but don’t know where to start. Our training and consulting programs are designed to give you step-by-step guidance based on your company’s goals. From candidate sourcing to on-the-job coaching, we offer solutions that are proven to drive longterm success. 

Training Programs for a Successful Inclusive Workforce

At PRIDE Industries, we don’t just source diverse job candidates for you. We also assess, train, and support all potential workers, so you can rely on an enthusiastic workforce with low absenteeism and above-average retention.

Our employee training and consulting services empower your organization to build an engaged, productive workforce. Whether we’re providing workplace readiness instruction, general or vocational training, or a custom-built skills lab, PRIDE Industries is dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of your inclusive workforce. 

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Coaching for You and Your Team

One of our priorities is to equip inclusive talent with essential life skills and vocational competence. And to make the most of this talent pool, many managers benefit from inclusivity instruction. That’s why we offer coaching programs designed specifically for managers—so that they’ll have the tools to build a welcoming environment for people of all abilities. Likewise, our own Job Developers receive ongoing training, so that we can be sure that we continue to provide you with the best service. 

Recruitment and Placement Services

Benefits of an Inclusive Workforce


Multiple studies have shown that people with disabilities have higher than average retention rates and low absenteeism.


When you hire employees with disabilities, you gain an adaptable workforce with a flexible attitude towards work schedules.

Tax Incentives​

The ability to qualify for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) is just one of the financial benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

Appeal to ESG Investors​

Increasing workplace diversity improves your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) rating, an important benchmark for social impact investors.

Build Loyalty

Customers and employees alike are proud to support companies that are making a positive impact in their lives and in their communities.

New Customer Segment

Disposable income for working-age people with disabilities is $490 billion. Tap into a market segment eager to support those who support them.

Learn from Our Experience

Since 1966, PRIDE Industries has been dedicated to normalizing workplace inclusion. Today, 60% of our employees have a documented disability.

Leverage our decades of inclusion empowerment through our inclusive workplace training, custom skills labs for diverse abilities, and comprehensive recruiting services.

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