Looking For a Reliable PPE Kit Supplier?

PRIDE Industries and Golden California Inc. have partnered to provide PPEMe, FDA-approved personal protective equipment. PPEMe is one of the select entities authorized to supply the State of California with PPE products sourced overseas during the COVID-19 crisis.

image of ppe kits being assembled

PPE Product Safety

All products are sourced from FDA-approved manufacturers and are inspected and tested by SGS, a third-party global testing organization that validates product quality and conformity with all regulatory requirements.

PPE Kits for Social Impact

When you purchase our PPE Kits, your business dollars support job opportunities for people with disabilities, wounded veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors. Partner with us to keep your customers, staff, patients, teachers, and students safe during these difficult times.

Which PPE Kit Fits Your Needs?

Image of doctor and patient wearing PPE in hospital.

Hospital & Healthcare PPE Kits

Stay stocked on essential PPE for your staff and patients.

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Business & Office PPE Kits

Your customers and employees will appreciate feeling safe.

Image of former covid-19 patient wearing PPE when working with caretaker.

Patient Discharge PPE Kits

Help protect the families and caregivers of infected patients.

Image of teacher and student wearing PPE when in school classroom.

Student & Teacher PPE Kits

Ensure safer classrooms for a better learning experience.

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