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Creating employment for people with disabilities

Building an inclusive world where people with disabilities have equal access to achieve their employment goals.

One in five people in the United States has a disability, and two-thirds of working-age Americans with disabilities are unemployed. At PRIDE Industries, we know that a job means so much more than a paycheck; it also has the power to bring connection, community, and purpose.

With your support, we can expand employment opportunities for a significant number of Americans. When you donate to The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation, you directly help people with disabilities experience the dignity of a paycheck and the pride that comes with meaningful work. And it’s not just individuals who are helped. When more people are able to work, the entire community benefits socially and economically.

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100% of Your Donation Funds Employment Programs

We work with individuals throughout their employment journey to provide career access, choice, and advancement opportunities. When you donate to our Foundation, you support a broad range of personalized services for people with disabilities. And because PRIDE Industries funds all of our Foundation’s administrative costs, 100% of your donation goes directly to support these life-changing programs. 

Vocational Training

Your donations fund essential training and job certifications—giving people with disabilities and barriers to employment an opportunity to succeed in a competitive job market.

Job Coaching

Our employment coaches provide a safe, supervised training environment using a person-centered approach that ensures lasting success for both employer and employee.

Paid Internships

Internships give people with disabilities and other barriers to employment the opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Assistive Technology

We furnish critical aids—such as software, hearing aids, and motorized scooters—that enable people with disabilities to succeed in the workplace.


Our fleet of buses transports people who are unable to drive to work or medical appointments, and enable us to deliver essentials such as groceries and medicine.

I AM ABLE® Helpline

Our I AM ABLE Helpline connects people who face barriers to employment, as well as their family members, to essential career and support services.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

How We Help

Through personalized employment coaching, training, and placement, we help individuals of all abilities realize their true potential and contribute to their communities. Your donations fund our employment helpline, transportation, job coaching, internships, and other programs for people with disabilities.

Help create employment for people with disabilities, military veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors.

Responsible Stewardship

The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donations are therefore eligible for a tax deduction. Our tax ID number is 94-1650529. As a nonprofit, PRIDE Industries uses all donations and monies earned to support individuals with disabilities. View our Annual Report (links provided below) to learn more about our financial priorities and about the programs your donations support.

“The magic that happens when someone who typically cannot get a job finally gets a job, it’s incredible, their lives change. Everyone who works at PRIDE knows that people with disabilities can accomplish anything.”
-Michael Ziegler

Michael Ziegler was PRIDE Industries’ CEO from 1983 to 2020. Zig, as he was affectionately known, dedicated his life to creating jobs for people with disabilities and others who face employment barriers, including veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors. Your contribution to The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation continues this legacy. Help others experience the dignity of meaningful employment—donate today.