Food and Beverage

Staffing, Training, and Packaging for the Food and Beverage Industry

Staffing and Training with Potential Tax Benefits

We serve recruitment needs from one placement (in select markets), to work teams, to large-scale staffing of 100+ roles. PRIDE Industries will source and place an inclusive workforce that is eager to work in food service or janitorial for your corporate cafeteria, commissary, or retail outlet. Our inclusive workforces reduce turnover costs, boost employee morale, and may provide tax incentives. And your new employees are set up for success through job preparation and on-the-job coaching.

Packaging Services with a Social Marketing Edge

Need deep experience in reliable and flexible order fulfillment and packaging? Our experience in food and beverage packaging plus the social marketing advantage afforded by a partnership with PRIDE Industries makes us a unique offering in the market. As our partner, you’ll have access to our “Packaged with PRIDE by People with Disabilities” co-branding seal for a social marketing benefit over your competitors.

Proven Supply Chain and Distribution Partner

For 30 years, PRIDE Industries has provided innovative, technology-driven supply chain management services to organizations of all sizes. Every day, we receive, inspect, warehouse, and ship thousands of products across the nation and around the world. Let’s explore how to save you money and get your products to market quickly.

Just-in-Time Services Reduce Costs

PRIDE Industries offers sophisticated forecasting solutions that enable you to warehouse only what you need, even for products with fluctuating demand. And our inventory management protocols carefully track each individual item, reducing waste and avoiding product shortages. Our fulfillment processes are streamlined for both speed and accuracy, so your products get to your customers fresh and ready.

Sustainable, Circular-Economy Processes

Our supply-chain services have been rigorously crafted to eliminate waste and redundancy, and we support the screening, reuse, and recycling of packaging and other materials. We also partner with certified recyclers to maximize the recovery of useful material and ensure proper waste disposal. These practices not only promote your sustainability goals, but they can also save you money.


  • FDA Food-Site Registered
  • CA Processed Food Licensed
  • CA Organic Processed Food Licensed

Staffing Tax Incentives


Circular-Economy Principles

Sustainable Manufacturing

Circular-economy principles are the bedrock of our manufacturing processes, allowing us to provide fully sustainable products and solutions to our customers. Our supply-chain services have been rigorously crafted to eliminate waste, pollution, and redundancy, and we support the screening, reuse, repair, and remanufacturing of materials. Our partner network of certified recyclers maximizes the recovery of useful material and ensures proper waste disposal.

PRIDE Industries sustainable efforts logo
PRIDE Industries logo with the words "Assembled with PRIDE, People with Disabilities"

Social Marketing

Few other businesses offer the unique social marketing advantages afforded by a PRIDE Industries partnership. Working together, we provide a positive social impact that may enhance your supply chain diversity, attract social impact (ESG) investors, and appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees. Let’s work together to promote your PRIDE Industries partnership on your website, in your marketing collateral, or on your product packaging.

Food and Beverage Services


We provide primary and secondary food packaging and can repackage, label, and brand individual items so that they’re retail-ready, then ship them to their final destination.


Whether a gift basket, a sample box, or an item-of-the-month delivery, PRIDE Industries can accurately consolidate any combination of products into an appealing package that’s ready-made for consumption.

Warehousing and Inventory Control

Our comprehensive inventory management capabilities include lot/batch control, FIFO, FIFE, expiration management, and EDI order processing—reducing both waste and product outages.

Global Distribution Services

We team with DHL, FedEx, UPS and other major carriers to quickly and reliably ship to individual customers, retail distribution centers, or big-box stores around the globe.

Returns Management

Should you need to recall a product, our highly accurate product tracking systems will ensure that no recalled product re-enters the supply chain, saving you additional cost and liability.

Customer Service Support

Need to change the contents of a package? Issue a new SKU? Modify the delivery schedule? Whatever you need, your dedicated customer service representative will make sure it happens quickly and easily.

Learn how we can get your food and beverage products to market faster.​