Electronics Manufacturing

Comprehensive Electronics Design and Manufacturing Services

Our in-house SMTA Certified SMT Process Engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities will streamline your production process, improve product quality, and deliver your electronics quickly and dependably while offering unique social marketing benefits for a competitive edge.

Your Trusted EMS Partner

Access our full suite of end-to-end electronics manufacturing services (EMS), including design engineering support, manufacturing, supply chain management, fulfillment, and end-of-life support. At PRIDE Industries, we’ll build your product prototypes to the most exacting specifications and modify the design for ease of testing and manufacturing, saving you both time and money.

When your product is ready, our supply chain, logistics, and fulfillment infrastructure will ensure your products make it to your customers on time, every time, and built to the highest quality standards.

End-to-End Electronics Manufacturing Services

Our expertise extends well beyond our manufacturing facilities. Access our sophisticated tracking technology to follow your products to and beyond the point of sale, allowing you to gather valuable use data. And once your product has reached the end of its life, we can assist with recycling or refurbishment, making it easy for you to meet your sustainability commitments. From prototype development to volume production to delivery and beyond, PRIDE Industries makes it easy for you to manage the complete life cycle of your product.

Flexible, Customizable, Scalable

Our facilities are designed to execute changes quickly and efficiently, so you can modify your designs without costly production lags. Our substantial electronics manufacturing capacity and our expertise in inventory management allow us to pivot quickly to meet product demand changes, saving you excess inventory expenses or lost sales. Our ISO quality management system ensures the highest level of quality.

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Certified Engineers

2021 Winner of the Global Technology SMT & Packaging Award

This award recognizes PRIDE Industries’ innovation in electronics manufacturing equipment, tool services, and suppliers on a global scale. We’re honored to receive this industry recognition for delivering top-quality results for our customers across all our manufacturing services.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Our flexible, customized electronics manufacturing is supported by a commitment to outstanding quality and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re building single-sided PCBAs or Class II medical electromechanical assemblies, our highly skilled teams are sure to meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations.

State-of-the-Art PCBA Manufacturing

We have three, in-house SMTA Certified SMT Process Engineers and offer both surface mount (SMT) and mixed printed circuit board (PCB) assembly with RoHS and non-RoHS capabilities.

Full System Integration

Our skilled technicians can assemble and test your final electromechanical or medical product, ensuring that only properly finished and functioning products are shipped.

Advanced Testing and Inspection

Our testing capabilities include 3D X-ray, flying probe test, ICT, conformal coating, functional testing, automated programming, and automated optical inspection (AOI).

Cable and Harness Assembly

Whether using automated or manual tooling, our experienced assemblers will expertly manufacture your cable or harness assembly to the highest technical standards.

Diverse Engineering Services

We offer a broad range of technical solutions, including DFM, DFT, prototyping, process analysis, and customized manufacturing.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your dedicated customer service representative is always available to answer questions, make any needed changes, and manage the needs of your product from order placement to on-time delivery.

Materials Management

Services include procurement and materials management, vendor management,  forecasting, and flexible demand and capacity planning.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Control

PRIDE Industries is an ISO 9001 and 13485-registered facility. We comply fully with FDA regulations and are ITAR Registered.

Complete Lifecycle Product Management

We offer sustainable lifecycle management of your products, including product recycling, RMA services, end-of-life support, and reverse logistics services.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Circular-economy principles are the bedrock of our manufacturing processes, allowing us to provide fully sustainable products and solutions to our customers. Our supply-chain services have been rigorously crafted to eliminate waste, pollution, and redundancy, and we support the screening, reuse, repair, and remanufacturing of materials. Our partner network of certified recyclers maximizes the recovery of useful material and ensures proper waste disposal.

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Social Marketing

Few other businesses offer the unique social marketing advantages afforded by a PRIDE Industries partnership. Working together, we provide a positive social impact that may enhance your supply chain diversity, attract social impact (ESG) investors, and appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees. Let’s work together to promote your PRIDE Industries partnership on your website, in your marketing collateral, or on your product packaging.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

We optimize our customers’ business operations while creating sustainable career opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment such as veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors. Every day, we prove the value of our inclusive workforce model through operational success across multiple industries.

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