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3rd Stone Design

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PRIDE Industries helps 3rd Stone Design build and ship a life-saving medical device.

3rd Stone Design invents life-saving medical products that protect the health of people and the planet. They also design the businesses to launch them by partnering with clients to bring their prototypes to market worldwide. With 15 years of experience, 3rd Stone specializes in global medical devices, renewable energy systems, and socially conscious consumer products.


Medical devices have previously proven too expensive and complex to widely implement in developing countries. 3rd Stone Design changed this. Since 2013, PRIDE Industries has partnered with them to build and ship their Pumani CPAP machine, a low-cost respiratory solution for infants in underdeveloped nations. Over 1,000 units have been placed in 35 countries to date, tripling the survival rate of babies with respiratory distress syndrome.

So in 2022, when 3rd Stone Design needed a partner that could build, package, and ship their new BiliDx system affordably, the medical device company hired PRIDE Industries to get the job done. The BiliDx System affordably measures infants’ serum bilirubin levels from a miniscule amount of blood.


PRIDE Industries provided a one-stop-shop experience for 3rd Stone Design, helping them scale, build, and package their new BiliDx System. This lifesaving device immediately measures serum bilirubin levels from a small drop of whole blood applied to an inexpensive, disposable lateral flow strip. PRIDE Industries also provides low-cost international shipping, creating significant cost savings for this medical device company and its customers. The system has proven an affordable solution, helping economically developing nations combat neonatal jaundice—which affects 24 million newborns each year.

Services Provided

Scaling, building, packaging, and shipping of the Pumani and BiliDx Systems

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BiliDX Systems shipped
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“PRIDE Industries has been an extraordinary partner in helping us scale and produce specially designed medical products for mothers and newborns in underserved communities throughout the globe.”

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