Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

A Broad Range of Services for Every Healthcare Setting

For hospitals and ambulatory care facilities, providing an aseptic environment not only protects patients, staff, and visitors, it also reduces liability and saves money. PRIDE Industries has a proven track record of delivering exceptional cleaning and disinfection services, using proprietary cleaning products and best-practices sanitization protocols that meet or exceed EPA criteria. We offer a broad range of operational services as well, including facilities maintenance and repair, grounds and landscaping, and comprehensive record-keeping performed by certified HIPAA professionals.

Antiviral Cleaning and Disinfection

Our specialized cleaning and disinfection services prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in hospital and clinical facilities—on both surfaces and in HVAC systems. Our cleaning products not only kill bacteria and viruses in less than 60 seconds, they also deposit a nontoxic, germ-killing residual coat that lasts up to 24 hours, exceeding the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2. Combined with our two-pass disinfection protocols, enhanced HVAC cleaning, and regular testing of high-touch surfaces, we can provide you with a complete disinfection solution.

Cleaning Management Standards for Green Buildings

Would you like for your hospital and medical facility to become LEED-certified? PRIDE Industries can help you achieve that goal. We are one of the .02% of U.S. custodial businesses that have achieved the Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB) certification. We’re experts at highly effective, sustainable cleaning solutions, and we can help you achieve the green cleaning credits you need for LEED certification.

two custodians cleaning hospital room

Facilities and Grounds Maintenance

Your facility’s exterior is your institution’s face to the world. PRIDE Industries has decades of experience in landscaping and grounds maintenance, and can keep your lawns green and your flowers blooming. We also maintain exterior surfaces, including sidewalks, roads, and decorative installations. Indoors, our certified electricians, plumbers, and energy systems experts can keep your buildings running smoothly and cost-effectively. We can even test and service your back-up generators.

Customers Served

PRIDE services a wide array of environments, from small mobile clinics to urgent care centers to large correctional facility infirmaries.

  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation,
  • California Healthcare Facility (CHCF)
  • Las Posas Family Medical Group & Urgent Care
  • Santa Paula Medical Center
  • West Ventura Family Care Center & Urgent Care
  • Anacapa Neurology (Plastic Surgery) Anacapa Surgical (Neuroscience)
  • Mobile Medical Clinic
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Social Marketing

Few other businesses offer the unique social marketing advantages afforded by a PRIDE Industries partnership. Working together, we provide a positive social impact that may enhance your supply chain diversity, attract social impact (ESG) investors, and appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees. Let’s work together to promote your PRIDE Industries partnership on your website, in your marketing collateral, or on your product packaging.

Services and Capabilities

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