Facilities Management Services

Comprehensive Service Excellence with a Positive Social Impact

Few companies provide the deep expertise in facilities management services with the opportunity for a social impact like PRIDE Industries.

We combine facilities expertise, comprehensive maintenance programs, and solutions-oriented management for reliable results that protect all types of facilities, from public and private sector to government, industrial, and high-tech.

As a social enterprise, our mission is to provide employment for people with disabilities. Our inclusive workforce is carefully vetted and trained, with a 30% better-than-average OSHA safety record.

We have over 35 years of experience in preventive and predictive maintenance, engineering services, energy systems maintenance, project services, grounds and landscaping, and environmental management.

Whatever your facilities maintenance needs, a partnership with PRIDE Industries can enhance efficiency, lower costs, increase your supplier diversity, and boost your appeal to both social investors and social impact-conscious customers.

90 M
Square feet of
facilities managed
80 %
of services are
1 K
1 M
Square feet of
LEED facilities

Our Services

Industries We Serve

Commercial Faclilites
Correctional Facilities
Federal Government
Commercial Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Federal Government
Food and Beverage
Hotels and Casinos
Military Installations
Municipal Facilities
Renewable Energy

Safety is a Top Priority

Our safety record is among the best in the nation. Our work teams enjoy lower-than-average incidence rates due to our frequent safety trainings, which are updated regularly to reflect changing technology. This sterling safety record minimizes work interruptions and lowers related costs for our customers.


Lower OSHA Incidence Rate vs. National Industry Standard

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