Supply Chain and Logistics

Flexible, Dependable Supply Chain Services

To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, your supply chain and logistics should hold down costs, make returns easy, reduce environmental impact, and always get your product to market on time.

For more than 30 years, we have provided innovative, technology-driven supply chain management services to hundreds of global organizations. Every day, PRIDE Industries receives, inspects, warehouses, and ships thousands of products all over the world. Whatever your product, we have a supply chain solution that can improve your efficiency and lower your costs.

Responsive Planning, Reliable Procurement

At PRIDE Industries, we are relentless planners. We integrate supplier performance management, inventory controls and tracking, fulfillment processing, and materials resource planning techniques to ensure that orders are managed and delivered accurately and ahead of schedule.

Our responsive, accountable procurement teams have worked with every size and type of company, and are dedicated to reducing material lead times, inventory carrying costs, and shipping costs. Our warehousing and distribution centers provide 24/7 operational services, so they can ensure that your supply change needs are managed effectively and competitively.

PRIDE Industries provides supply chain services to high-tech companies, medical device manufacturers, food vendors, and consumer goods producers 

Your Supply Chain Reshoring Partner

Recent changes among overseas vendors are making it harder for companies to maintain a reliable supply chain. Costs are rising. Manufacturing and delivery schedules have become unpredictable. Pollution and toxicity create financial liabilities.

If you’ve been faced with these challenges, maybe it’s time to consider a simple, turnkey solution: reshoring. At PRIDE Industries, we help companies increase profits by stabilizing their supply chain. Our West Coast facilities minimize your risk of disruption, optimize fulfillment processing, and provide flexible, on-demand inventory schedules. And when you work with PRIDE Industries, you make a social impact while meeting consumer demand for products Made in the U.S.A.

Supply Chain and Logistics Services

Whether you’re launching a new product, expanding production, or reshoring, PRIDE Industries can provide your business with flexible, responsive, and cost effective supply chain management services.

Procurement Management

As experts in strategic sourcing, we can easily transfer to alternate suppliers to simplify logistics and optimize efficiency when product parameters change.

Materials Management

Our experienced engineers can partner with your staff to select and source the optimal materials for your product.

Demand Planning

Our rigorous, data-driven planning processes allow us to precisely forecast material needs, even for products with cyclical demand.

Order Fulfillment Management

A streamlined system of tagging and tracking removes bottlenecks and speeds up product delivery.

Inventory Control

PRIDE Industries uses RF-based barcode scanners to provide real-time tracking of supplies and products, avoiding costly shortages and overstocks.

EDI and Web-Based Interfaces

We use the latest communication technologies to rapidly implement changes in product configuration and shipping parameters.

Program and Account Management

Your dedicated customer service representative will respond quickly to product updates and change requests.

Supply Chain Transformation

PRIDE Industries can help you update your supply chain management to improve efficiency and save money.

Logistics and Reverse Logistics Management

We design our manufacturing solutions around the entire life of the product so your goods will be less expensive to produce and easier to recycle.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Circular-economy principles are the bedrock of our manufacturing processes, allowing us to provide fully sustainable products and solutions to our customers. Our supply-chain services have been rigorously crafted to eliminate waste, pollution, and redundancy, and we support the screening, reuse, repair, and remanufacturing of materials. Our partner network of certified recyclers maximizes the recovery of useful material and ensures proper waste disposal.

PRIDE Industries sustainable efforts logo
PRIDE Industries logo with the words "Assembled with PRIDE, People with Disabilities"

Social Marketing

Few other businesses offer the unique social marketing advantages afforded by a PRIDE Industries partnership. Working together, we provide a positive social impact that may enhance your supply chain diversity, attract social impact (ESG) investors, and appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees. Let’s work together to promote your PRIDE Industries partnership on your website, in your marketing collateral, or on your product packaging.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

We optimize our customers’ business operations while creating sustainable career opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment such as veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors. Every day, we prove the value of our inclusive workforce model through operational success across multiple industries.

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