Supply Chain Transformation

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The accelerating pace of digitization is not skipping over the supply chain sector. In fact, not only is it here, it is key to optimizing the end-to-end management of any supply chain. However, in addition to leveraging technology, the most effective supply chain needs to be one that fits with your company’s mission and growth projections. Whether the changes you make are done within your company or outsourced, it’s a must to have innovative tech in place, expertise in IoT and AI, and professionals with algorithmic know-how who can apply the data to your business challenges and needs. Now is the time for a supply chain transformation.

If your business is looking for a supply chain transformation solution PRIDE Industries has 30 years of experience in logistics and creating relationships with vendors and suppliers. Our technical systems are managed in-house and our dedicated supply chain managers have the expertise to bring the data and information provided by advanced technologies and create value and business solutions across any industry.

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Proud recipient of Global SMT & Packaging Magazine’s 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award in the Contract Services category. This award recognizes PRIDE Industries’ innovation in electronics manufacturing processes, engineering services, and strategic supplier management.

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For over 20 years PRIDE Industries has worked with HP Inc., exceeding performance targets through passion and proactive management—so much so HP Inc. awarded us Global Service Supplier of the Year.

Supply Chain and Logistics Services

At PRIDE Industries, we help companies increase profits by stabilizing their supply chain. Our facilities minimize your risk of disruption, optimize fulfillment processing, and provide flexible, on-demand inventory schedules.

Based on the West Coast our warehousing and distribution centers provide 24/7 operational services, ensuring your supply chain needs are managed effectively and competitively. Every day we receive, inspect, warehouse, and ship thousands of products all over the world. We provide supply chain services to high-tech companies, medical device manufacturers, food vendors, and consumer goods producers. 

For more than 30 years, we have integrated supplier performance management, inventory controls, and tracking to provide innovative, technology-driven supply chain management services to hundreds of global organizations. Whatever your product, at PRIDE Industries we have a supply chain solution that can improve efficiency and lower your costs.

Order Fulfillment Management

A streamlined system of tagging and tracking removes bottlenecks and speeds up product delivery.

Logistics and Reverse Logistics Management

We offer lifecycle management of your products, including product recycling, RMA services, end-of-life support, and reverse logistics services.

Materials Management

Our experienced engineers can partner with your staff to select and source the optimal materials for your product.

Demand Planning

Our rigorous, data-driven planning processes allow us to precisely forecast material needs, even for products with cyclical demand.

EDI and Web-Based Interfaces

We use the latest communication technologies to rapidly implement changes in product configuration and shipping parameters.

Program and Account Management

Your dedicated customer service representative will respond quickly to product updates and change requests.

Procurement Management

As experts in strategic sourcing, we can easily transfer to alternate suppliers to simplify logistics and optimize efficiency when product parameters change.

Inventory Control

PRIDE Industries uses RF-based barcode scanners to provide real-time tracking of supplies and products, avoiding costly shortages and overstocks.

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Customer-First Service

Our contract packaging and kitting services are backed by award-winning capabilities in technology, quality management, supply chain, and logistics, including dedicated project support.

Supply Chain Transformation Common Questions

According to the supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) devised by the Supply Chain Council, there are five areas of the supply chain: plan, source, make, deliver, and return.

In today’s market with increasingly complex supply chains, disruptions, and global competition, the transformation of a businesses’ supply chains using technology that can optimize performance is crucial to maximize returns and satisfy customers.

Evaluating, strategizing, and investing in the right expertise and technology are key components in supply chain transformation.

End-to-end supply chain transformation refers to optimizing your supply chains from beginning to end; or more accurately across the web of connections that make up a supply “chain.” This includes all suppliers, vendors, customers, and carriers involved in creating and moving products.

A supply chain transformation process can start with help from experts who will evaluate a company’s supply chain requirements. This begins with targets or goals; looking at gaps or bottlenecks in the existing supply chain; and finally assessing the technology or outsourcing options that could close the gaps and optimize operations.

Although reasons for transformation will vary, the purpose of most strategies for a company’s supply chain transformation is to enhance growth and make operations more sustainable and streamlined.

Supply chain transformation involves a reevaluation and reorganization of a supply chain whereas supply chain management is the overseeing and handling of the supply chain processes to ensure cost efficiency and reliability.

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