Procurement Management

Strategic Optimization of Supply Chains

A Seamless System

Procurement Management is an entire process of vendor research, strategic sourcing, purchasing, managing contracts, auditing, and evaluating data. Optimum procurement management–and supply chain management–requires knowing your markets, and how to strategize and negotiate with suppliers on price, payment terms, volume, and availability. Procurement management and processes are all inexorably linked with inventory management and supply chain management. Although procurement is often thought of as the point where costs can be reduced, this is only half the picture since the whole system needs to be efficient to keep the costs down. There is little advantage to obtaining a rock bottom price if the deliveries are not on time, the warehouse handling is chaotic, and product tracking is weak.

At PRIDE Industries we have the resources and relationships to give you a turnkey solution to procurement and supply chain management. We have a 30-year record of working with companies of all sizes and provide a seamless system to find the resources you need and get your product to market. Talk to us about your supplier requirements to see how our services can meet your needs.

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Proud recipient of Global SMT & Packaging Magazine’s 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award in the Contract Services category. This award recognizes PRIDE Industries’ innovation in electronics manufacturing processes, engineering services, and strategic supplier management.

Featured Procurement Management Case Study

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Partnering with PRIDE Industries, Heart Zones is successfully reshoring the manufacturing of its Blink Armband ™. Our holistic approach allows Heart Zones to maintain an agile supply chain.

Supply Chain and Logistics Services

At PRIDE Industries, we help companies increase profits by stabilizing their supply chain. Our facilities minimize your risk of disruption, optimize fulfillment processing, and provide flexible, on-demand inventory schedules.

Based on the West Coast our warehousing and distribution centers provide 24/7 operational services, ensuring your supply chain needs are managed effectively and competitively. Every day we receive, inspect, warehouse, and ship thousands of products all over the world. We provide supply chain services to high-tech companies, medical device manufacturers, food vendors, and consumer goods producers. 

For more than 30 years, we have integrated supplier performance management, inventory controls, and tracking to provide innovative, technology-driven supply chain management services to hundreds of global organizations. Whatever your product, at PRIDE Industries we have a supply chain solution that can improve efficiency and lower your costs.

Order Fulfillment Management

A streamlined system of tagging and tracking removes bottlenecks and speeds up product delivery.

Logistics and Reverse Logistics Management

We offer lifecycle management of your products, including product recycling, RMA services, end-of-life support, and reverse logistics services.

Materials Management

Our experienced engineers can partner with your staff to select and source the optimal materials for your product.

Demand Planning

Our rigorous, data-driven planning processes allow us to precisely forecast material needs, even for products with cyclical demand.

EDI and Web-Based Interfaces

We use the latest communication technologies to rapidly implement changes in product configuration and shipping parameters.

Program and Account Management

Your dedicated customer service representative will respond quickly to product updates and change requests.

Supply Chain Transformation

PRIDE Industries can help you update your supply chain management to improve efficiency and save money.

Inventory Control

PRIDE Industries uses RF-based barcode scanners to provide real-time tracking of supplies and products, avoiding costly shortages and overstocks.

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Customer-First Service

Our contract packaging and kitting services are backed by award-winning capabilities in technology, quality management, supply chain, and logistics, including dedicated project support.

Procurement Management Common Questions

In supply chain management, a procurement manager is responsible for evaluating the markets, sourcing vendors, and negotiating contract terms and conditions for product purchases.

Procurement management involves extensive knowledge of the supply chain market that allows managers to source reliable vendors and negotiate contract terms and conditions for optimum supply chain product purchases.

Procurement management involves first evaluating the business needs and requirements, second evaluating the supplier(s) for product availability and reliability and finally negotiating and securing contacts for the product supply.

Supply chain procurement involves sourcing and evaluating potential vendors in addition to contract negotiation and management.

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