Case Study:

Heart Zones

America is Getting Fit with the Help of PRIDE Industries

Heart Zones is a pioneer in the field of science-based heart rate training programs and devices. Founded by Sal Edwards and headquartered in Sacramento, Calif, Heart Zones sells wearable technology, including the Blink Armband ™, a lightweight heart rate monitor that converts data into individualized, actionable exercise prescriptions.


When Heart Zones wanted to reshore assembly and packaging services for the Blink Armband ™, they immediately thought of PRIDE Industries. Back in 1990, PRIDE Industries had successfully manufactured Sal Edwards’s Fleet-Feet branded snowshoes. So, when Heart Zones ran up against an irregular order pattern for their armband, necessitating an agile supply chain, Sal knew PRIDE Industries would be able to do it all—with an emphasis on quality control.


The PRIDE Industries manufacturing team was able and equipped to address Heart Zone’s needs from start to finish, assembling the Blink Armband ™, buying the raw goods, cutting, packaging, and even storing Heart Zones’ parts and products on-site in the U.S. as opposed to overseas. This holistic approach allowed Heart Zones to maintain an agile supply chain and focus on doing what they do best: get their product to market.

Services Provided

  • Raw goods purchasing
  • Cutting and Assembly
  • Component Building
  • Packaging
  • Storing Inventory for Heart Zones
  • Employs 10 People with Disabilities
  • Between 2M and 3M in Sales Annually
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in sales annually

people with disabilities employed

“How they build things and how they think through it and their willingness to support—We’re thrilled to work with a company that’s headquartered near us, that supports our community, and that can make a quality product.”

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