How We Help

We create employment for people who experience workforce barriers, including those with disabilities, veterans, foster youth, and trafficking survivors. Through personalized employment coaching, training, and placement, PRIDE Industries helps individuals of all abilities realize their true potential and contribute to their communities.

100% of Your Donations Fund Job Programs and our Helpline

People with Disabilities

Unemployment among people with disabilities remains high. As a result, many cannot live independently and must rely on benefit programs.

Through training, job coaching, assistive technology, and custom job placement, people with disabilities can successfully obtain and retain employment.

IMPACT: Heidy went through our Employment Services program (funded by donations to the Foundation) and celebrated her first work anniversary, earned a promotion, and bought a home.

Foster Youth and Trafficking Survivors

Former foster youth face daunting obstacles to entering the labor market. Studies show that four years after aging out, 50% have no earnings. Those that do obtain employment have an average annual income of only $7,500.

With support and mentorship during their first job, former foster youth and survivors of human trafficking are much more likely to escape poverty and lessen their reliance on government assistance.

IMPACT: Thanks to donors, former foster youth Kat is now working as a home health aide and is studying for her dream career as a social worker.

Military Veterans

Not all military jobs translate easily into civilian jobs. As a result, more than 50% of veterans leave their civilian jobs after re-entering the workforce, citing a lack of career advancement opportunities, an absence of meaningful work, and an unfamiliar workplace culture.

Your donations help fund programs that provide job counseling, career matching, disability accommodations, and long-term support to veterans, enabling them to successfully start and maintain new careers.

IMPACT: With support from a PRIDE Industries Counselor, U.S. Army veteran Calvin found a meaningful job position.

Help create jobs for people who experience barriers to employment, including those with disabilities, veterans, foster youth, and trafficking survivors.

Programs Funded by The Foundation

Your donations fund the programs that underpin the success for people with disabilities in the workplace. Some of our employment services and support programs include:

Vocational Training

Your donations fund essential training and job certifications—giving people with disabilities and barriers to employment an opportunity to succeed in a competitive job market.

Job Coaching

Our employment coaches provide a safe, supervised training environment using a person-centered approach that ensures lasting success for both employer and employee.

Paid Internships

Internships give people with disabilities and other barriers to employment the opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Assistive Technology

We furnish critical aids—such as software, hearing aids, and motorized scooters—that enable people with disabilities to succeed in the workplace.


Our fleet of buses transports people who are unable to drive to work or medical appointments, and enable us to deliver essentials such as groceries and medicine.

I AM ABLE® Helpline

Our I AM ABLE Helpline connects people who face barriers to employment, as well as their family members, to essential career and support services.