Alan McMillan

Chief Information Officer

“I get to see, firsthand, how lives are changed for the better by what we do. PRIDE Industries is made up of individual efforts that together create a significant force for change. It inspires me every day.”

A High-Tech Talent

Alan oversees PRIDE Industries’ Information Technology (IT) team and is responsible for the design, delivery, and implementation of technology strategies. Under Alan’s leadership, the PRIDE Industries IT team evaluates, negotiates, and recommends IT services and platforms, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and policies while driving competitive advantage. 

Some Things Are Meant to Be

A true technology enthusiast, Alan has more than 30 years of experience in technology infrastructure, software development, and ERP installation in the retail, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, and medical industries. Alan had already enjoyed a successful career at companies like Raley’s Supermarkets and Hills Brothers Coffee when he first learned about PRIDE Industries in 2013. That year, as part of an executive training program, he had the opportunity to hear Michael Ziegler—CEO of PRIDE Industries from 1983 to 2020—speak about the organization and its history. Alan was so impressed by PRIDE Industries’ mission that he joined the social enterprise just a few months later.

From Down Under to the Golden State

A native New Zealander, Alan attended the Waikato Institute of Technology, where he gained his training and education in technology, economics, and accounting. He moved to California in 1985, drawn by the exciting opportunities in his field of interest, and a climate that wasn’t too different from the one he’d grown up in. True to his roots, Alan enjoys playing cricket and rugby; he also loves baseball, “trying to play golf,” and a good Neil Young tune.

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