Luis Torres-Acosta

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Engineering & Property Services

“Knowing that our business success is making a positive impact in our communities and in the lives of so many individuals with disabilities–that inspires me every day.”

Operational Excellence

Luis Torres-Acosta (aka LT-A) leads a team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering tailored outsourcing solutions across a spectrum of business sectors, including electronics manufacturing, supply chain management, and kitting and fulfillment services. LT-A also oversees the operations of our custodial and environmental services, facilities maintenance, property management, and crucial renewable energy services.

Broad Experience and Deep Expertise

With nearly three decades of experience in program and facility management, site selection, quality systems, and contract negotiation, LT-A has extensive expertise in crafting customized solutions for the entire real estate, property, and facilities management lifecycle. His career has spanned several continents (North America, Latin America, and Europe) and multiple industries, including manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, aerospace, high-tech, call centers, commercial, and retail.

Prior to joining PRIDE Industries, LT-A held the position of Head of Life Science and Healthcare for Latin America at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), where he led a team that operated in 13 countries.

LT-A’s academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in BSIE Automation & Manufacturing, a BSME degree in Construction Management, and an MSEM degree in Engineering and Manufacturing Management.

Giving Back to the Local Community 

Wherever LT-A lives, he strives to serve the local community. For four years, he served on the board of directors of the Wesleyan Academy and on the board of Wesleyan Church, where he was responsible for facility development and improvement. He is currently a board member of Iniciativa Comunitaria, an organization that provides health and rehabilitation services to thousands of individuals who would otherwise have no medical care.

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