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Wearable, data-driven fitness technology motivates and empowers individuals

Roseville, Calif. — PRIDE Industries, the country’s leading employer of people with disabilities, will provide kitting and assembly services to Heart Zones, a pioneer in the field of science-based heart rate training programs and devices. PRIDE Industries will build, package, and ship Heart Zones’ premier exercise product, the Blink Armband. Heart Zones’ Blink Armband is a lightweight heart rate monitor that converts data into individualized, actionable exercise recommendations. This useful tool is often used, for example, by health clubs and in K-12 school physical education programs. The accompanying software allows coaches and instructors to monitor fitness progress in real time.


“As demand for the Blink Armband has increased, I’ve been looking for a way to re-shore production and get our product to our customers more quickly,” said Sal Edwards, CEO and founder. A triathlete, ultra-marathoner, exercise scientist, and best-selling author, Sal founded Heart Zones in 1993. “And I knew I could count on PRIDE Industries, given our past partnership.”


Thirty years ago, PRIDE Industries partnered with Sal Edwards. During this partnership, PRIDE built, kitted, and shipped products for her previous company, Yuba Shoes. For several years, the footwear company made snowshoes used by various military branches, particularly the Marines.


“We value our longstanding, trusted partnership with Sal. The Blink Armband production will be performed in our state-of-the-art Roseville manufacturing facility,” said Tony Lopez, Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics Services for PRIDE Industries. “By building the accessory kits for the Blink Armband—a strap, clasps, and connectors—PRIDE Industries is excited to help Heart Zones motivate and empower Americans to improve their fitness.”


PRIDE Industries employees will use sonic welder machines to manufacture the accessory kits for the Blink Armband. Also, PRIDE will train employees with disabilities to operate this equipment, which is a valuable, transferable job skill.

About PRIDE Industries

PRIDE Industries delivers business excellence with a positive social impact. A social enterprise, we provide facilities operations and maintenance, custodial, contract manufacturing, supply chain management, packaging and fulfillment, and staffing and recruitment services to private and public organizations nationwide. Founded in 1966, PRIDE Industries’ mission is to create employment for people with disabilities. Through personalized employment services, we help individuals realize their true potential and lead more independent lives. PRIDE Industries proves the value of its inclusive workforce model through operational success across multiple industries every day. Learn more at

About Heart Zones

For over 25 years, Heart Zones, Inc. has provided the latest in scientific-based heart rate training technology, fitness training programs, certifications, books and educational materials for coaches, athletes and individuals. Founded by author, professional athlete and exercise scientist Sally Edwards, MA, MBA, the company was first to introduce networked fitness with the patented Threshold Training System™ for use in individual and group fitness training settings. Heart Zones, Inc continues to innovate and pioneer new technologies and training programs. These technologies and training programs target both individual and group training environments with the mission to get America fit. Learn more at

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PRIDE Industries is a social enterprise delivering business excellence to public and private organizations nationwide.

Case Study:

HP, Inc.

A 20+ Year Partnership: HP Inc. and PRIDE Industries

HP Inc. is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, that develops personal computers, printers and related supplies, as well as 3D printing solutions.


  • Since 1998, PRIDE Industries has provided value-added services to HP Inc. We originally began by providing sorting and recycling services for HP’s products.
  • In 2003, through a competitive bid process, we were selected to provide supply chain management and global fulfillment services for HP’s commercial and personal printers, spare parts, and related devices.
  • PRIDE Industries runs two dedicated Sacramento-area facilities for HP Inc. The program is a global, 24-hour operation made possible by our team of supply chain planners, buyers, and business support assistants.
  • PRIDE Industries’ procurement team manages supplier relationships including purchase order management, delivery performance, and escalations.
  • Our planning team performs forecasting/demand planning, creates material purchasing requests, manages part setup and maintenance, lifecycle planning activities, part roll tasks, and provides overall operational project management support.
  • Given PRIDE Industries’ performance, the contract later expanded to include HP’s spare-part fulfillment program following a print business acquisition.
  • Today, we are the sole HP Inc. North America regional distribution center for their printing and copier new spare parts needs.

Services Provided

  • Supply chain management
  • Global fulfillment services
  • Systematic interface/infrastructure
  • Thoughtful creativity and problem solving
  • Proactive management
  • Passion for our mission to create employment for people with disabilities
  • Highest standards for work and service


Direct Fulfillment Program Stats

  • > 37K active part numbers (SKUs) managed
  • 800 average orders per day
  • 1,311 average sales order lines per day
  • 98% same day shipping
  • 93% level of fill requirement met
  • 30 weeks of supply (including end-of-life)
  • 60% cost savings from consolidation as a percentage of consolidation activity
  • 16% cost savings from consolidation as a percentage of HP/PRIDE Industries logistics spend
Kitting Program Stats
  • > 200 kits managed
  • 221 average monthly kits built per day
  • 99% on-time shipments
  • 6-7 weeks of PRIDE Industries-owned inventory


  • PRIDE Industries was named Global Service Supplier of the Year for HP Inc.

"PRIDE Industries is a proactive partner who exceeds their performance targets. I’m in love with the mission and in love with their performance."

Director, HP Inc. Americas Service Supply Chain
HP Logo



average monthly units shipped in FY20

267,000 sq. ft.

of dedicated warehouse space


HP-consigned inventory managed


of workforce with a disclosed disability

"PRIDE Industries is a proactive partner who exceeds their performance targets. I’m in love with the mission and in love with their performance."

Director, HP Inc. Americas Service Supply Chain

PRIDE Industries was established in 1966 with the mission to create jobs for people with disabilities. A pioneer in social enterprise, PRIDE provides competitive services in commercial facilities, manufacturing and logistics, and recruitment and training to the federal government, Fortune 500 corporations, and small business owners who wish to make a social impact with their business dollars. In 2020, PRIDE partnered with the California Medical Association and the California Office of Emergency Services to distribute 90 million pieces of PPE to struggling small and medium-sized medical practices throughout the state.

The California Center is a California incorporated company that provides U.S. businesses a convenient and accelerated market entry platform into Asia. The organization has relationships with FDA-approved, overseas manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE). They were one of four organizations authorized to supply the California Governor’s office with PPE products sourced overseas during the COVID-19 crisis.

Product Safety

All products are sourced from FDA-approved manufacturers and are inspected and tested by SGS, a third-party global testing organization that validates product quality, accuracy, and that all products meet regulatory requirements.

Make a Social Impact

PPE Kits with a Social Impact are kitted and assembled by people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Your purchase dollars also support PRIDE Industries’ social enterprise, which provides training and job placement services to people with disabilities, wounded veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors.

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Kat Maudru

PRIDE Industries is a social enterprise delivering business excellence to public and private organizations nationwide.

The global pandemic has drastically altered many industries, especially in the medical field. What do experts predict will be the newest trend for medical device manufacturers?


Recently, we sat down with Mike Douglas, Manufacturing & Engineering General Manager for PRIDE Industries. Mike has a reputation as a keen observer of the medical technology industry, borne out of a long and successful career. He shares both the opportunities and the roadblocks that medical device manufacturers are facing in today’s rapidly evolving situation.


Q: What is PRIDE’s involvement in the medical device manufacturing industry?


A: PRIDE Industries provides turnkey, end-to-end product solutions, ranging from kitting and assembly to full-blown product manufacturing services. Our current projects are quite varied, and include:

  • Manufacturing, assembling, and distributing a best-in-class, non chemical pain relief device used by everyone from professional athletes to casual joggers. Manufacturing this particular device requires us to source more than five hundred unique components.
  • Assembling serum and saliva test kits used for antibody testing.
  • Assembling and distributing recyclable, biodegradable medical carts used in single-patient and mass-capacity environments of care.
  • Manufacturing and kitting of a device used by anesthesiologists in hospital settings to control the dosing of medications.
  • Assembling low-cost, respiratory support devices for infants and children, specifically for use in low-resource countries.


Q: How is working with medical device technology more stringent than other industries?


A: The certification requirements for medical devices are far more exacting than for other products. For most products, ISO 90001 certification is the standard, which of course PRIDE has. But because we also manufacture and assemble medical devices, we also have the stricter ISO 13485 certification. This certification mandates greater managerial involvement. Goals must be minutely outlined, with strict accountability built into the various processes. Because of the potentially serious consequences of even a minor defect, we have to be able to track lots and even individual devices. Every shipment that includes a part we manufacture must have a Certificate of Compliance (COC). Our inbound inspection procedures are detailed and thorough, and we conduct quality checks on all the component parts we use.


Q: What sort of changes are you seeing in the medical device industry due to the effects of COVID-19?


A: One of the biggest changes I have seen has to do with the supply chain. Particularly with critical medical equipment, overseas suppliers have become less reliable. Many companies are now worried about the continuity of their production, which is why they’re looking to onshore manufacturing and assembly of equipment that supports critical medical needs.


Another change I’ve seen with the advent of COVID-19 is the shift in demand. Because many elective procedures were suddenly postponed or even cancelled, demand for related equipment dropped. At the same time, the demand for emergency and critical care equipment increased. Fortunately, PRIDE was able to quickly pivot to producing critical care equipment. During the first three months of the pandemic, PRIDE distributed 1.3 million face masks and 55,000 pairs of gloves. We also manufactured 1300 face shields, and distributed 500+ bottles of disinfectant.


Q: How will the pandemic change the face of medical device manufacturing?


A: Because so many companies have suffered from supply interruptions, I expect to see more of them choosing to create a buffer stock of essential supplies. Now more than ever, companies want dual-source capability. No one wants to rely on a single supplier. At a minimum, they want a backup supplier in place. Redundancy is key.


I also think we’re going to see an on-shoring trend. Even before the pandemic, rising tariffs were pushing manufacturing back to the US. Here at PRIDE, I’d already noticed an uptick in queries about landed costs. The fact is, when you look at the total cost of getting a product to the point of sale, PRIDE is a cost-competitive business partner. And I think now that people are aware of how something like a pandemic can rock the supply chain, there’s even more of an impetus to keep medical device manufacturing and supplies close to home.


Q: Has PRIDE seen a surge in the demand for medical devices?


A: Absolutely. There’s certainly been a surge in critical care devices and personal protective equipment. For a while, we saw a spike in ventilator production, but that’s since dropped back to more normal levels. And non-critical care equipment—the sort of devices that are associated with elective procedures—have also seen a drop in demand. But we expect demand for those types of medical devices to come back. People still want to have knee surgery, for example. And “non-urgent” is not the same as “not necessary.” So we expect to see a rebound on routine-care medical equipment, even as the demand for critical-care technology remains strong.


Q: As the global market for medical device manufacturing increases, do you see supply chain and material issues becoming more widespread and longer lasting?


A: In the near term, definitely there are going to be bottlenecks. Getting supplies from overseas will continue to be a challenge. But these supply issues should ease as domestic medical device manufacturing ramps up. And there are other benefits to bringing manufacturing home. Several industries have been plagued with counterfeiting problems and a lack of quality control. With domestic production, a company can exercise much greater control, which ultimately saves money. And it certainly saves a company’s reputation.


Another fundamental issue is the availability of core components. A lot of manufacturers are vying for the same materials. Obviously, if you can’t get supplies, you can’t build your product. And delays in supply acquisition lengthen the lead times in production. So again, onshoring gives a company greater control of the production process.


Q: Medical device manufacturing can be highly specialized. Do you find it difficult to balance medical manufacturing work while still serving other industries?


A: It’s never been a problem for us. In fact, manufacturing medical devices makes us better equipped for other products. Because we’re used to operating at such a high level for medical device manufacturing, we’re able to bring a lot of precision and quality control to our work in other industries. We’re used to the stringent requirements of ISO 13485, and it’s not like we “step down” when we switch to a nonmedical product. On the contrary, it’s our attention to detail—honed through working on medical devices—that has given us such a high customer satisfaction rating across all the industries we serve. Our employees are used to working precisely and efficiently, and our customers recognize that.

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Mike Douglas, Manufacturing & Engineering General Manager for PRIDE industries

"I’ve had companies tell me, 'If PRIDE can build medical devices, then I’m betting you can build my product.' And they’re right."

Every day, thousands of people receive packages from Amazon on their front doorstep. Helping make this rapid turn-around possible, Associate Kenneth “Kenny” Valdivia contributes significantly to Amazon’s warehouse team in Los Angeles, CA. With a positive, can-do attitude, he sorts and scans packages each shift to ensure they reach their correct destination.


Kenny is on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), a developmental disability that affects communication, behavior, and interaction with others. Depending on the individual, symptoms can be mild or severe. Although awareness of the autism spectrum is increasing, it is still misunderstood, which can make getting a job difficult. Like many individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum, Kenny struggled to find employment where he could feel fulfilled and achieve his potential.


With the help of PRIDE Industries’ job placement and employment services for people with autism, Kenny was able to procure employment with Amazon, a job that he truly enjoys.

Helping People with Autism Find Employment

“I received my Autism diagnosis as a child,” said Kenny. “My parents had never heard of Autism before and didn’t know how to help me adjust with the symptoms. Growing up, it was often difficult making friends since they didn’t understand my disability.”

Despite earlier challenges, things started getting better when Kenneth began attending a high school program designed for young adults on the Autism Spectrum. “I started making more friends and gained confidence in my own voice. I have always known that I have the same abilities as everyone else; I sometimes need a different approach when it comes to communication.”

After graduating from a vocational skills certification program, Kenny started to look for employment in a warehouse environment. Despite his qualifications and hard work ethic, job interviews proved to be a significant obstacle to getting a job offer, as he struggled with eye contact and communication. 

This changed in October 2018 when Kenny’s Department of Rehabilitation counselor referred him to PRIDE Industries’ Employment Services, which placed him into a Warehouse Associate Position with Amazon in Los Angeles.

Since 2017, PRIDE Industries has partnered with Amazon as an Alternative Workforce Supplier to recruit, assess, interview, train, and provide onsite employment support for people with Autism. PRIDE leverages their person-centered services including assessments, job skills development, training, placement, and ongoing support to ensure long-term employment success.

“From the start of the training, Kenny was eager to start the day, and he learned quickly,” said PRIDE Job Coach Catalina Hurtado. “His enthusiasm is appreciated by his colleagues and supervisors. Kenny is very driven and always pushing himself to reach his units per hour.”

Getting a Job Is Just the Beginning

Employment brings much more than a paycheck; it also helps individuals develop confidence and purpose. The resilience that Kenny developed through the difficult times motivated him to help others on the Autism Spectrum. “Throughout my life, I have relied on movies, music, and comedy to feel less alone,” said Kenny. “It inspired me to create my own medium to show others my experiences, challenges, and dreams for the future.” He developed his own YouTube channel to tell his story.


“Since starting my channel, I have been proud to educate and raise awareness for Autism; I feel like I was created this way to help others,” said Kenny. “A highlight was helping out a friend from church after his child had been diagnosed with Autism. He had never heard about Autism or knew what to expect for his child’s future. Showing him some of my videos helped him understand more about this disability.”


“While I am working on expanding my YouTube channel, my job at Amazon gives me a way to support myself while growing my skills,” said Kenny. “I feel appreciated for what I contribute to our team.”


As his online presence continues to grow, Kenny aims to eventually use his storytelling experience to gain a career in the movie and entertainment industry. “I am inspired by actors like Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg; it would be a dream for me to meet and thank them for their work. I would also like to make it to their level of influence to reach people internationally and to travel to different countries in South America, Europe, and Asia.”

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“From the start of the training, Kenny was eager to start the day, and he learned quickly,” said PRIDE Job Coach Catalina Hurtado. “His enthusiasm is appreciated by his colleagues and supervisors.”

Rice is one of the most reliable and versatile food staples grown across the planet. Lotus Foods creates relationships with farmers worldwide to provide consumers with the highest quality heirloom, organic rice, rice noodles, and rice snacks, all while supporting producers and promoting organic agriculture and rice biodiversity. PRIDE Industries has partnered with Lotus Foods to provide packing and shipping services. 

Packing and Shipping for Lotus Foods

Last winter, PRIDE Industries began co-packaging Lotus Foods’ rice and ramen products and shipping stocked displays to Costco stores nationwide. PRIDE’s packing and shipping teams specialize in pre-loaded club-store and retail displays. These are packaged and palletized to meet the clients’ specific needs, providing point-to-point shipping for immediate use on the retail floor.


The partnership between PRIDE and Lotus Foods created kitting and fulfillment job opportunities for nearly 85 individuals with disabilities.


PRIDE Industries is honored to be a part of Lotus Foods’ mission to change how rice is grown around the world. B Lab, a Certified Benefit Corporation, believes that by pursuing smart product innovation, better-growing practices, and delicious whole grain heirloom rice varieties they will lessen environmental impact, improve nutrition for consumers and create a more social and economic justice for small farmers. Lotus Foods products support farmers, empower women and lessen climate impact.


When you partner with PRIDE Industries and allow our highly trained teams to assist with packing and shipping services and other kitting and fulfillment solutions, you are helping provide jobs for people facing barriers to employment, and joining a wider net of ethically minded employers. PRIDE’s packing and shipping teams specialize in pre-loaded club-store and retail displays. These are packaged and palletized to meet the clients’ needs, providing point-to-point shipping for immediate use on the retail floor.

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