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Fully Optimized Building Automation Services

From airports to hospitals, schools to courthouses, a smooth-running facility means a comfortable and safe environment for the building’s occupants, and cost savings for the organization. That’s why optimization of your building automation systems by an experienced facility management team is vital.

With 13,000 facilities maintained, PRIDE Industries has the expertise to make maximum use of any building automation system and improve performance. We maintain 72 facilities with BAS systems across California using a controls strategy that ensures all buildings are performing at their best. So whether your building automation system is a distributed control system or a complex IoT system, with 35 years of experience and over 140 million square feet of facilities managed, PRIDE Industries can provide you with an assurance that your assets are expertly managed.

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PRIDE Industries was awarded the DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability. Developed in partnership with ISSA, the Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning (DEAL) program helps distributors reduce operating costs and be more profitable. The cloud-based technology assists distributors with benchmarking their performance and streamlining their operations.

Building Automation System (BAS) Case Study

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The Judicial Council of California (JCC) manages the largest court system in the country—serving a population of more than 40 million people and about 12 percent of the total U.S. population.

A Full Suite of Operations and Maintenance Services

PRIDE Industries provides professionalism backed by years of experience. We offer a wide range of services with a deep level of expertise in each. From interior to exterior, energy management to structure repair, we can make sure your assets are maintained in top condition and are cost-effective.

We manage and maintain 13,000 buildings and over 140 million square feet of facilities. We do this by maintaining relationships with over 2,000 specialty vendors, ensuring we always have the right resource available to resolve any operations and maintenance issue. In addition to this we hire only certified HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, fire system and alarm professionals–ready to apply their expertise and knowledge for our customers’ benefit.  

Across the board, whatever your facilities’ requirements PRIDE Industries can deliver—with expertise, excellent service, and a positive social impact.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Proper HVAC maintenance and repair reduces energy costs, extends the life of your systems, and maintains a healthy environment.

Architectural Systems

Keep your spaces, structures, and infrastructure in proper operating condition to prevent failure and degradation.

Asset Management

Comprehensive services that detect and resolve technical issues early to optimize operations and lower facility operating costs.

Backflow Testing

Protect your potable water supply from contaminants with proper backflow maintenance, repair, annual testing, and certification.

Preventative Maintenance

Smart preventive maintenance systems can reduce premature asset breakdowns, keep employees safe, and even save millions in costs.

Fire and Life Safety

To provide the protection levels they were designed for, fire and life safety systems need to be inspected, tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Electrical Systems

We’ll help make sure your facility stays compliant with current electrical codes while preventing small electrical failures from escalating.

Energy Management

Count on our data-driven energy management solutions to keep both your buildings and your wallet green.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

30% Lower OSHA Incidence Rate vs. National Industry Standard

Our sterling safety record minimizes work interruptions and lowers related costs for our customers.

Building Automation Systems Common Questions

Building automation systems (BAS) are composed of sensors that take in information on temperature (CO2 levels, humidity, etc.); controllers that relay instructions to the operating systems based on the sensor information; and the output device that responds with actions based on those instructions. The two other components in a BAS system are communication protocols (a common language between systems) and an interface or terminals that engineers and managers can use.

The benefit of a building automation system (BAS) is being able to keep occupants comfortable and safe with coordinated systems that work automatically in response to changing conditions in the building. A properly managed BAS system can also help to conserve energy and avoid system failures.

Building automation systems (BAS) and building management systems (BMS) are terms that are used interchangeably and generally mean the same thing.

Building automation systems (BAS) will automate, or carry out, programmed optimization routines for a building’s HVAC, lighting, security system, and fire and life functions. The range of functions and abilities of a building’s BAS can vary.

Any technicians or engineers working on building automation systems (BAS) should be certified and licensed according to state and local requirements.

For the best results from any BAS or building automation system, it needs to be managed by certified and professional technicians and managers who can run and maintain the system efficiently, and customize it to the operations of the building.

There are many BAS industry platforms, some examples are Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ACL, Delta, and Distech to name a few.

The purpose of a building automation system is to automate and optimize systems within a building to create efficiency and comfort for owners and occupants.

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