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Expert Ecological Pest Management

Pest Management Tailored for Your Facility

For any landscape where there are trees, shrubs, ground cover or flowers, expert pest management is going to be important. PRIDE Industries’ professional technicians provide a targeted, integrated pest management (IPM) approach to pest control. IPM is a holistic, green pest management strategy aimed at reducing use of chemicals that harm the environment. With this approach we first look at using mechanical, cultural or biological means (or a combination of these methods) instead of immediately reaching for pesticides. Key to this method is also monitoring and inspection as well as early intervention and preventative steps. When monitoring shows action does need to be taken, and if pesticides are necessary, we make sure to target the area needed with careful consideration of the surrounding environment.

PRIDE Industries is a Licensed Landscape Contractor with an Agricultural Pest Control Business License and a Qualified Applicator’s License, Category A, B, and K. Our integrated pest management services can be customized to your landscape giving it the healthy, verdant look you and your customers want.

ISSA CIMS Green Building certified logo

CIMS Green Building certification demonstrates an organization’s capability to assist customers in achieving LEED EB points and offers customers assurance that the organization they select is prepared to partner with them in the LEED process.

Integrated Pest Management Case Study

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Invasive pests carried by unaware travelers are an expensive problem that costs the state of California $3 billion annually. To overcome this challenge, PRIDE Industries helped the California Department of Food and Agriculture launch an education campaign at major airports that was seen by over 150 million travelers.

Comprehensive Landscaping Services

Ranging from municipalities to multiple building complexes to small office parks, PRIDE Industries’ professional services are designed to provide complete landscape and grounds maintenance for a wide range of facilities. We take a proactive approach to managing customers’ parks, facilities, and streetscapes and work to prevent problems instead of only responding to issues as they occur. We are a company focused on quality and customer service–when customers reach out regarding any aspect of service, they can expect a response within an hour. We believe in quality that will exceed expectations and manage our customers’ landscapes to create a positive and memorable environment for all residents, employees and visitors.

We are certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and the Irrigation Association (IA) as well as holding licenses in construction and pesticide application.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive services are customized to your specific needs.

Park and Open Space Management

From municipal community venues to office park landscapes, we do it all.

Sports Field Care and Turf Maintenance

We’re experts at maintaining all kinds of turf, from soccer fields to baseball diamonds.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Landscape

We offer sustainable landscape maintenance for offices, HOA landscapes, and municipal parks.

Shrub and Tree Maintenance

Our growth control, trimming, and clearance services keep your environment safe and appealing.

Commercial Irrigation and Water Management

We’re experts at reducing water waste, saving you money, and conserving the environment.

Soil Management and Conditioning

We use detailed soil analyses to tailor aeration and fertilization techniques to your landscape.

Landscape Installations and Renovations

Whether you need a new tree or a landscape redesign, we have the expertise to easily update your outdoor environment.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

Lower OSHA Incidence Rate vs. National Industry Standard

Our sterling safety record minimizes work interruptions and lowers related costs for our customers.

Get started with our high-quality, cost-effective integrated pest management (IPM) services.

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