Sports Field Care and Turf Maintenance

Keeping Your Turf in Top Condition

Good Practice Field Maintenance

Not surprisingly, sports field maintenance requires different methods and approaches to achieve results than the maintenance of landscape grass or lawns. For example, to keep the playing area in top condition field maintenance programs should include frequent mowing. This makes the grass more wear-resistant and reduces clumps that can cause trip and fall injuries. Proper care will also include a schedule to water regularly (being careful not to over-water), aerate, fertilize and renovate promptly when needed to avoid further deterioration. Additionally, field maintenance programs will be adjusted according to the sport being played. This is due not only to the difference in wear and tear from sport to sport but also to the seasonal availability of the field to carry out procedures such as over-seeding. 

PRIDE Industries maintains 3,000,000 acres of grounds including sports fields across the country. Our expertise in sports complexes and parks includes softball, baseball, soccer, and multi-purpose athletic fields. Whatever your sport, we can provide a field maintenance program to keep you playing all season.

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As the second largest military base in the world, Fort Campbell spans 105,000 acres, including 6,217 acres of grounds and facilities that must be actively maintained.
PRIDE Industries manages all 6,217 acres, and does it with an inclusive workforce where 92% are people with disabilities.

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Ranging from municipalities to multiple building complexes to small office parks, PRIDE Industries’ professional services are designed to provide complete landscape and grounds maintenance for a wide range of facilities. We take a proactive approach to managing customers’ parks, facilities, and streetscapes and work to prevent problems instead of only responding to issues as they occur. We are a company focused on quality and customer service–when customers reach out regarding any aspect of service, they can expect a response within an hour. We believe in quality that will exceed expectations and manage our customers’ landscapes to create a positive and memorable environment for all residents, employees and visitors.

We are certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and the Irrigation Association (IA) as well as holding licenses in construction and pesticide application.

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Sports Field Care and Turf Maintenance Questions

Maintenance of the turf (real grass turf, not sythetic) on sport and athletic fields should include frequent mowing. This not only keeps the grass short but also helps to reduce lumps and improve the resistance of the grass. Due to the heavy use it gets, grass turf also requires regular aeration to keep the soil and grass healthy.

Maintenance of an athletic field will need to be planned around the availability of the grass area to carry out tasks such as over-seeding without interfering with play. Since seasons and use of sports fields vary according to the game being played any field maintenance will need to be planned around the playing season.

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