UPS Maintenance

Maintaining an Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Importance of UPS Maintenance and System Care

Every business or facility needs a dependable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. Your UPS backup is the essential link between a power outage and the switch to generators. Since power outages and surges are often unexpected and unannounced professional maintenance to ensure the system is continually robust and reliable is vital. 

The type of UPS backup system you have will determine your facility’s UPS maintenance schedule. Smaller systems that have sealed batteries generally require less maintenance. Other systems using flooded-cell batteries may require monthly inspection of the batteries and annual  services. Regular UPS maintenance of all components will not only spot any potential failure points it also ensures your organization’s UPS system is at the capacity needed for the power you use. This is important as the top two causes of a UPS system failure are battery failure and exceeded capacity. 

As part of PRIDE Industries’ Energy Services, we provide UPS backup solutions and maintenance that match your facility’s requirements. With 35 years of experience in energy solutions, our technicians are experts in all aspects of UPS backup so you can rely on us to make sure that if the power goes down your business doesn’t have to.

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Making Your Energy Reliable

We know how vital it is to keep facility energy systems running smoothly, and understand that even a small break in energy can be both disruptive and expensive. To help your business avoid any interruptions and maintain an efficient energy system PRIDE Industries has a range of comprehensive services that include UPS maintenance, generator testing and maintenance, as well as solar energy installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

We are a leading provider of reliable and cost-effective energy maintenance services and have experience maintaining critical and renewable energy systems across the nation. Our superior customer service and same-day response to critical issues mean you can rely on us for timely solutions to routine maintenance and urgent repair. Whatever your business or organization is, we can help to ensure continuous power supply for your facilities’ operations.

Solar Energy Services

Our complete maintenance program includes solar panel cleaning and installation and testing of battery backup systems.

Electrical Systems

We follow the established NFPA 70E procedures and program controls to reduce electrical failures.

Scheduled Maintenance

With regular preventative maintenance services, we will reduce unscheduled downtime when your backup systems are needed most.

Generator Maintenance

Annual load-bank, ATS, and switchgear testing ensure that your generators are always ready for action.

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Our broad range of services includes a dedicated customer service representative, extended warranty programs, and 24/7 emergency response.

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UPS Maintenance Common Questions

UPS maintenance means maintaining or regularly checking a facility’s Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. Maintenance of UPS systems is vital since it is the system that will provide immediate power in the case of a power outage.

Precise steps for UPS maintenance will depend on the type of UPS system. Typically steps include load-testing of the battery bank, thorough inspection of system components for corrosion or heat damage, checking for loose connections, and cleaning components of dirt and dust.

UPS systems should should be checked at least annually. Additionally, depending on the type of battery bank additional checking and maintenance may need to be done monthly or twice a year.

A UPS system can last anywhere from 10-15 years. Batteries have a shorter life, around 2-5 years, depending on use and environment. UPS systems can decline in efficiency as they get older but regular UPS maintenance will help to mitigate this.

Most UPS systems self-monitor and will have an alarm and/or a flashing light to show when batteries need replacing. Having regular inspections by professionals will also keep you abreast of the system’s condition.

UPS maintenance is important since your uninterruptible power supply is the critical backup for power should there be a power grid outage. Without maintenance, you increase the chances of a system failure at a critical time.

A UPS system can fail due to several issues suchs, such as battery failure, bad capacitors or even fans locking up. Regular preventative maintenance can spot these potential problems before they stop your UPS from functioning when it’s most needed.

Regular annual testing for UPS batteries is recommended to ensure they have the capacity required to provide reliable power when needed.

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