Generator Maintenance and Repair

Ensuring Uninterrupted Energy Supply

Generator Maintenance, Testing, and Repair

Any generator worth having needs to be reliable and fully functional when there is a power outage. To ensure reliability regular generator maintenance and testing are critical. While most standby generators self-test these tests are not conducted at full operating load, however, when there is an interruption of power your generator will need to take a full load–and an outage is not a good time to find out if it can. That’s why it’s essential to have professional generator maintenance and testing for your commercial facility.

At PRIDE Industries, our experienced and certified energy service technicians can provide generator maintenance service including load bank testing. A load bank test involves running the generator while slowly adding additional resistive load until it is above 60% or more of the manufacturer’s suggested full load. As well as testing the load this test helps to burn any possible carbon or sediment build-up in the exhaust system or on top of the motor. Our generator maintenance and testing are all done per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines. This includes automated transfer switch (ATS) testing and testing of the switchgear system. Whatever generator you have, with regular generator maintenance PRIDE Industries can ensure you have power that is ready and reliable when it is needed.

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We know how vital it is to keep facility energy systems running smoothly, and understand that even a small break in energy can be both disruptive and expensive. To help your business avoid any interruptions and maintain an efficient energy system PRIDE Industries has a range of comprehensive services that include UPS maintenance, generator testing and maintenance, as well as solar energy installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

We are a leading provider of reliable and cost-effective energy maintenance services and have experience maintaining critical and renewable energy systems across the nation. Our superior customer service and same-day response to critical issues mean you can rely on us for timely solutions to routine maintenance and urgent repair. Whatever your business or organization is, we can help to ensure continuous power supply for your facilities’ operations.

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Our complete maintenance program includes solar panel cleaning and installation and testing of battery backup systems.

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We follow the established NFPA 70E procedures and program controls to reduce electrical failures.

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With regular preventative maintenance services, we will reduce unscheduled downtime when your backup systems are needed most.

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We are committed to delivering a variety of UPS solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

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Generator Maintenance and Repair Questions

Maintenance of commercial generators will vary depending on the manufacturer and specific equipment. However, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends in addition to weekly visual inspections, a commercial generator needs to be serviced once a month, and have annual full-load testing. (NFPA 110, Section 8.4).

The NFPA recommends load testing monthly and full load testing annually. However, since equipment varies, manufacturer recommendations should always be checked first when it comes to load banking your commercial generator. A professional generator maintenance company will have technicians knowledgeable on all the recommended guidelines for regular maintenance.

Automatic transfer switches in a commercial generator work to prevent interruption or loss of power. The ATS connects the generator and the main power source (usually the national grid) and works to transfer the electrical load to the generator when it senses a power outage or failure. When the main power comes back online the ATS sends a message for the generator to shut down ensuring that generator power is only used when needed prolonging the lifespan of the generator.

Commercial generators are typically equipped with an automatic transfer switch as it is vital in most facilities to have uninterrupted power. If you have any doubts that your generator is a commercial grade generator or that it does not have an ATS consult your manufacturer’s specifications or a certified electrician with knowledge in generator maintenance.

A switchgear generator is a more powerful generator that is specifically designed for industrial, commercial, or utility use and has switchgear equipment included as part of the unit. This is an industry term that distinguishes this commercial-grade generator from units where the generator and switchgear units are separate.

Yes. Although both switchgear and transformers are part of most large commercial generators, they are two separate pieces of equipment with different purposes. The switchgear is an assembly of electrical switches (fuses, circuit breakers, etc.) that are designed to control and distribute electricity in a safe and efficient way. A transformer controls the voltage supply; its function is to step up or step down the voltage level as required to ensure safe power distribution.

Switchgear equipment is maintained through regular inspection and testing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, this maintenance includes regular visual inspections, cleaning, testing, and replacement of components as necessary. All maintenance should be conducted by a qualified technician and in accordance with proper safety measures.

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