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A solar hot water system can last 20, even 30 years–that’s double the life of conventional water storage heaters. And although your solar hot water system or your solar photovoltaic system may not require daily attention, getting the full lifetime benefit from these assets does require regular testing, monitoring, and maintenance. Our solar energy solutions do just that.

For proper inspection and maintenance of solar panels and systems, it’s advisable to employ  certified solar technicians such as a Photovoltaic Installation Professional (PVIP) who is qualified to design and install solar panels and provide solar maintenance. PRIDE Industries has this technical expertise and, together with a strong range of supplier relationships, we have the ability to tailor a solar energy maintenance solution that will fit your needs. As well as solar panel cleaning we can conduct battery checks, inspect collector glazing and seals, repair any ductwork or wiring connections and resolve plumbing issues. We also provide annual maintenance that will verify voltages, kW productions, and infra-red inspection of the solar panels, inverters, and transformers. Even small things like checking temperature sensors to make sure they have not fallen off the surface they are measuring, can save time, and money and ensure the system is always running efficiently.

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Our LEED compliant services help clients reach achievements in location, planning, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, waste reduction, indoor environmental quality, and innovative strategies.

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At Fort Gilliam the Defense Forensics Science Center was brought back to the pristine condition it needed to be in, thanks to PRIDE Industries’ thoroughness and their attention to detail.

Making Your Energy Reliable

We know how vital it is to keep facility energy systems running smoothly, and understand that even a small break in energy can be both disruptive and expensive. To help your business avoid any interruptions and maintain an efficient energy system PRIDE Industries has a range of comprehensive services that include UPS maintenance, generator testing and maintenance, as well as solar energy installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

We are a leading provider of reliable and cost-effective energy maintenance services and have experience maintaining critical and renewable energy systems across the nation. Our superior customer service and same-day response to critical issues mean you can rely on us for timely solutions to routine maintenance and urgent repair. Whatever your business or organization is, we can help to ensure continuous power supply for your facilities’ operations.

Generator Maintenance

Annual load-bank, ATS, and switchgear testing ensure that your generators are always ready for action.

Electrical Systems

We follow the established NFPA 70E procedures and program controls to reduce electrical failures.

Scheduled Maintenance

With regular preventative maintenance services, we will reduce unscheduled downtime when your backup systems are needed most.

UPS Maintenance

We are committed to delivering a variety of UPS solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

Complete Customer Service

Our broad range of services includes a dedicated customer service representative, extended warranty programs, and 24/7 emergency response.

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Our sterling safety record minimizes work interruptions and lowers related costs for our customers.

Solar Energy Solutions Questions

For optimum energy absorption, the solar panels at your commercial facility will need cleaning. Over time a build-up of dirt and debris on solar arrays can significantly inhibit the panels’ ability to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity; this is known as “soiling loss.” Studies from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conclude soiling loss can cause as much as 25% reduction in energy intake.

The term alternative energy generally refers to renewable energy, that is to say, sources of energy other than fossil fuels. These energy sources include solar, wind, hydroelectric (water), and geothermal energy.

Solar energy collection can be divided into two types: active and passive. Passive solar energy distributes the energy it captures through thermodynamics and is a cost effective way to heat buildings but can also be less effective than active solar energy. Think solar water heater or green house. Active solar uses electrical mechanisms such as fans or pumps to distribute the harnessed solar energy. Active solar energy has two main systems PV (Photovoltaic) and CSP (Concentrated Solar Power (or Concentrataing Solar-Thermal Power)). Photovoltaic systems use semiconducator materials in panels to convert the sunlight into electricity. CSP uses mirrors to harness the sun’s energy and convert it into thermal energy to generate electricity. PV panels are used on residential buildings and larger arrays are used commercially. CSP is mostly used in utility-scale power plants.

The general recommendation is twice a year for cleaning solar panels. However, this can vary depending on on where your commercial facility is located and the amount of debris and dust around the area. Keep an eye on the performance of your solar arrays and talk with your facility managers or solar cleaning professionals to get the best cleaning schedule for your business.

Yes. Battery backup systems for your commercial solar panels will mean excess energy generated by the solar panels during sunny daylight hours can be stored for for use during periods of low or no sunlight. Battery storage allows the solar energy system to continue to provide power during power outages or at night and decreases the need to purchase energy from the grid.

Solar panel battery backups for your commercial facility do need maintenance. The schedule of maintenance for battery backups will depend on the battery type, usage, and environment. It's always recommended to have a qualified technician conduct regular checkups to ensure that the battery is in good working condition, avoid any safety hazards and to ensure that the battery is operating within its safe range–this will also prolong its lifespan.

While the initial outlay for solar panel installation across your commercial buildings may be hefty the benefits in the long term are greater. Although the calculations will vary from business to business, reduction in energy costs will offset installation and continue to save your business money. Talk to a professional solar installation company to find out what the numbers look like for your facility.

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