Californians know what it takes to deal with drought

But in early 2022, the severity of the state’s drought passed a new milestone, with “the driest first three months of the year” ever in California history.

In response, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order addressing the statewide drought, saying:

While we have made historic investments to protect our communities, economy, and ecosystems from the worsening drought across the West, it is clear we need to do more. Today, I am calling on local water agencies to implement more aggressive water conservation measures.

These water conservation measures allow each water provider to set its own rules. However, these rules must be based on Level 2 Water Shortage Contingency Plans, which are designed to help local communities cope with water shortages of up to 20 percent.

Level 2 plans could mean reducing the number of days when residents can water outdoors, for example. The scope of action rests with each local water management team, who can request funding to carry out their water conservation plans.

Enabling water conservation across California

Being savvy about water usage ensures that communities can access an adequate water supply, even when shortages exist. It also helps residents lower their water bills.


One company that exemplifies the benefits of carefully planned water use is the Golden State Water Company, which has partnered with PRIDE Industries to help nearly 80 communities across California enjoy greater water efficiency. The partnership encourages wise water usage, regardless of drought conditions.


As part of this conservation effort, PRIDE Industries employees help GSWC customers in a number of ways. They replace and install water-efficient devices for home use—including toilets, showerheads, and aerators. They distribute rain barrels for water capture. They even package and distribute water-saving devices that help residents cut down on water use.  

Jim Schafer, director of Projects & Energy Services at PRIDE Industries, said the partnership underscores a key focus on people and planet.

PRIDE Industries and the Golden State Water Company have partnered together to provide a diverse workforce. These highly respected workers help deliver efficient water conservation programs during a critical time of drought. With every new installation or piece of kit that gets sent out, our people are helping look after water as a precious resource. They are making an essential difference to many local communities.

Managing water resources in the Golden State

The conservation of water, particularly during times of drought, requires innovative solutions like the GSWC/PRIDE Industries partnership. Thriving during a drought also depends on the daily decisions and best practices of multiple actors: residents, communities, and businesses.


As one of the largest users of water, commercial facilities have much to contribute through conservation—saving this precious resource for other essential applications such as farming. Businesses also have much to gain by reducing their water use, as the price of this commodity continues to rise.


Fortunately, facilities managers today have even more options for water conservation than the average resident, making their role in combatting the drought more crucial than ever.


Your Conservation Partner

PRIDE Industries has more than three decades of experience in landscaping and grounds care. Our highly trained staff will keep your grounds lush and beautiful—and help you conserve water while doing so.

As one of the largest users of water, commercial facilities have much to contribute through conservation.

drought conditions
Across California, water conservation has become a statewide priority for 2022. Like many other bodies of water, Bass Lake, located in Yosemite National Park, has experienced periods of drought.
Photo by Chanelle on Unsplash
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