Case Study:

Golden State Water Company

Championing water conservation through Diversity and Inclusion

For nearly a century, the Golden State Water Company (GSWC) has been providing clean water to more than 80 communities in California. Operating as a regulated utility, the team must ensure fair rates for more than 1 million customers. Great service is key, with a 24/7 call center helping customers manage bills and address service issues. Behind the scenes, technical experts help look after water quality and efficient resource management.


The GSWC has some regulatory obligations to the California Public Utility Commission. To succeed in fulfilling these regulatory requirements, the GSWC cultivates a diverse supplier base. A robust supplier diversity initiative broadens the supplier base, stimulates competition, and ensures that Golden State Water Company receives the highest quality materials and services at the best available prices.

As a regulated water utility, the GSWC sets a supplier diversity goal to procure 21.5 percent of contracts from certified categories, including:

  • 1.5% from Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises
  • 5% from Women Business Enterprises
  • 15% from Minority Business Enterprises

Guided by these targets, the GSWC sought to attract more team members of all abilities. Excitingly, the new team members would play a key role in helping the GSWC reach out to customers and communities. Their remit would be to provide water-efficient products and services via a non-profit.


Thanks to a partnership with PRIDE Industries, more team members with diverse abilities have been hired to help deliver water conservation tools from the GSWC. Upon selecting PRIDE Industries in the summer of 2021, executives from the GSWC knew they could depend on dedicated team members. This talent pool offers highly valued professionalism and quality. Team members from PRIDE Industries take pride in helping customers effectively manage water usage.

Statistics show that employees with disabilities offer quality work, low turnover, great attendance, and overall professionalism. PRIDE Industries employees have consistently demonstrated these qualities—taking pride in helping GSWC’s customers manage water usage while helping GSWC meet its diversity goals.

Services Provided

PRIDE Industries supports multiple programs provided by the GSWC. These include:

  • Direct install programs: Replacing or installing new water-efficient toilets, showerheads, and aerators for home use.
  • Distribution programs: Rain barrels for residential use.
  • Kitting programs: Mailing energy-efficient items to customers and clients of the GSWC.


  • 200 groundwater wells
  • 2,800 miles of sustainable pipeline
  • 25,000 fire hydrants
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groundwater wells


miles of sustainable pipeline

fire hydrants

“We’ve enjoyed working on several social initiatives with PRIDE Industries to make a positive impact in the communities across California.”

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