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We help you prepare for employment, develop a career path, and provide the ongoing support you need to be successful.

A Pioneer in Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Since 1966, PRIDE Industries has led the industry in person-centered vocational rehabilitation, training, support services, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities—both visible and invisible.

We designed proprietary, ground-breaking training/employment programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Veterans Employment Advantage Program addresses the unique needs of wounded veterans entering the civilian workforce. Our Foster Youth Liaisons set up people who have experienced care for career success. And our unique 1-844-I-AM-ABLE Employment Helpline connects people with disabilities in California and Nevada with the support services and employment opportunities they need to contribute to their communities.

At PRIDE Industries, above all, we believe in people. We stand for normalizing workplace inclusion and offer the tools to help you live an independent life. From training and internships to career placement and on-the-job training, we know you have the talent to make valuable contributions to the workplace.

Who We Support

Whether you’re a first-time job seeker, an experienced professional, or a motivated person looking to enter a new career field, PRIDE Industries is here to help. Our person-centered approach concentrates on job exploration and skills assessment, all while meeting each individual’s goals and setting up a support plan for long-term job success and advancement.

At PRIDE Industries, our unique service model means that we can help you with any and every aspect of your career. We not only coordinate with government agencies to get you the support and training you need, we also partner with businesses that are seeking to hire. No matter what job services you want, or where you are in your career, we can help you take the next step on your employment path.

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People with

Learn employment and independent living skills.

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Transition into a rewarding civilian career.

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Create a successful and independent adult life.

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Find your career and build your future.

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