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PRIDE Industries Combines Operations with PWI

Expanded Service in San Diego

For over 35 years, Partnerships With Industry (PWI) has provided meaningful employment and training services for people with disabilities in the San Diego region. As of July 1, 2021, PWI now operates as PRIDE Industries in Greater San Diego.

The result: an array of expanded services to support people with disabilities and to further enable the inclusive workplace efforts of the San Diego business community.

Together, we will provide people of diverse abilities with greater options for professional training, development, and employment growth.

PRIDE Industries is also a social enterprise that offers value-added services in facilities maintenancemanufacturing, logistics, and supply chain; and staffing and recruiting for area companies that wish to generate a social impact through their standard business spend.

Complimentary helpline: The organization also operates the nation’s most robust free employment helpline for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment at (844) I-AM-ABLE or (844) 426-2253.

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