The market for craft brewing continues to grow as consumers seek out quality, small-batch beers. An innovator in this movement, Knee Deep Brewing has been making unique craft beers for over a decade; seven years ago, they moved right next to PRIDE’s Auburn, CA site. Then last summer in 2020, Knee Deep joined the inclusivity movement when they hired three employees through PRIDE’s Outsourced Workforce Solutions.

“I’ve been extremely pleased with our PRIDE team members,” said Jerry Moore, Owner and CEO of Knee Deep. “As a long-time Sacramento area resident, I’d heard about PRIDE, of course. And I liked what I’d heard—how PRIDE extends opportunities for people with disabilities while meeting the demands of their business partners. I’m happy to report that PRIDE lives up to its reputation!”

Through our Outsourced Workforce Solutions, PRIDE employees with disabilities help our customers with special projects and tasks, Knee Deep team to fulfill projects and task, creating greater convenience and flexibility for these businesses. This was exactly the type of help Knee Deep was looking for. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brewery needed extra assistance packaging cans for retail sales at national grocery chains such as Costco and Safeway. With the addition of three PRIDE employees (plus a work trainer) that work as part of the team, Knee Deep is now able to meet production demand.

Though they operate in a small city in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Knee Deep Brewing has a large footprint. They currently distribute their craft beers in 30 different U.S. states, and in several countries as well. PRIDE’s employees contribute to the success of this global supply chain.

“The partnership with Knee Deep has been a perfect fit for PRIDE’s employees,” said PRIDE Auburn Site Manager Melissa Sweet. “Our employees — Zach Harrison, Kenneth Jolivette, and Evan Hough — are always excited to get to work every day, as shown by their stellar attendance record!”

“Hiring team members with disabilities is just like hiring anyone else,” said Jerry. “Ultimately, success depends on the employee’s work ethic and goals. PRIDE’s team members are now part of the fun work culture here at Knee Deep, and we are glad to have them on board.”

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“Hiring team members with disabilities is just like hiring anyone else.”

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