For many people, the first job out of high school is the most memorable one. Sometimes it’s even life-changing, as it provides a way to explore careers, build experience, and earn a paycheck. For young adults with disabilities, however, such opportunities remain elusive. Ultimately, this work gap can impede their skill-set acquisition and lifetime earning potential.



PRIDE Industries’ dedicated Workforce Inclusion team is changing this. Supported by generous donors, our staff works directly with youth who have disabilities and are transitioning out of high school. Recently, one of our staff members received a letter from Dee Morimoto. She explains how their help led her son, Tyler Morimoto, to earn his first job as a ship loader (stevedore).

A Letter From Dee Morimoto: Gratitude for Job Coaching and Support

Tyler and I would like to extend our appreciation for all that you have done to help him find employment. Prior to signing up with PRIDE Industries, he had no experience filling out job applications, creating a resume, or knowing how to look for a job.


You changed all of that.


With practice interviews, many hours on the phone, and customized job coaching, you helped Tyler build his confidence. All of this led to him earning a job as a stevedore. 

Thank you for always being there for us during this process—even after work hours and in the early morning to ensure that Tyler learned the bus system. Even further, you helped make sure that he obtained the accommodations that he needed to succeed—and worked with his employer to make that happen.


It takes a village to raise a child. This is so true, especially with raising a child with a disability. Having the right job coach on your side makes all the difference to becoming successful. Tyler now is on the path to personal growth, and for this we feel blessed.

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Dee and Tyler Morimoto. Tyler is wearing his stevedore uniform.
Dee and Tyler Morimoto
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