Things change quickly in the innovative world of electronics manufacturing. Are you curious about what’s trending for 2022? We’ve looked to the experts and, from their wealth of knowledge, compiled our picks—trends to look for in the coming year.

Trend #1: Organic electronics will become more popular.

These materials are constructed from carbon-based molecules, rather than from metals. They offer numerous advantages over inorganic electronics—including flexibility, optical transparency, weight-reduction, and low power-consumption. Environmentally speaking, these parts require fewer and safer raw materials and are both recyclable and biodegradable.

Trend #2: Internet of things and artificial intelligence will gain ground.

With functionalities like sensing, control, and actuation, they gather detailed, real-time insights from data. IoT and AI have also proven especially useful amid the pandemic, allowing machines to complete work once done only by human hands.

Trend #3: Printed electronics will continue to reduce manufacturing costs.

Rather than using wires as circuits, this technology relies on conductive inks and flexible films—allowing for fewer raw materials and more flexible parts. And because printing can occur anywhere, companies that use it will enjoy more flexibility when it comes to manufacturing.

Trend #4: The use of 3-D printing technologies will continue to expand.

From jigs and test beds to components and accessories, 3-D printing allows for fast prototyping, stacked designs, and complete customization. This technology enables manufacturers to lower costs—while supporting one-off requests and quickly-developed solutions.

Trend #5: Companies will continue to bring their manufacturing back to the U.S.

The pandemic has shed a light on the risks of offshoring. To counter supply-chain disruptions, increasing offshore wages, and soaring transportation costs, companies will continue to bring their operations home. The rise of robotics, offsetting costs associated with U.S. labor, is also fueling this trend.

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