According to Google Trends, searches related to “facilities management companies” increased by 180 percent over the last 12 months. 


What does this uptick suggest?

We believe it indicates that more organizations are looking to outsource their facilities management needs. In light of the pandemic, facilities management has gone beyond being a business topic reserved for directors to one searched by concerned members throughout an organization ( Also, due to changes in the hybrid workplace and greater awareness about carbon-footprint impact, some aspects of facilities management are now openly discussed matters of public concern ( these widening considerations are necessary, they can also be costly.


Yes, some new business protocols for cleaning and disinfecting are under scrutiny, and small businesses to large facilities have been passing along the added financial cost to their customers. A hotel guest poll by Ecolab underscores these new standards, finding several cleanliness criteria that are front-of-mind for consumers in the aftermath of COVID.

chart detailing steps to be taken

Not only do mounting costs factor, but the current worker shortage in the U.S. makes fulfilling these requirements challenging and financially unpalatable for some facilities (  


However, even with cost increases, new cleanliness standards are here to stay and have become a heightened consideration when it comes to consumer decision-making. This helps explain the strong interest in facilities management companies, many of which are known for their professionalism and consistent standards of hygiene (


“Facilities managers understand the importance of facility hygiene and carbon footprint. They want a consistent service delivery, and we have a long-proven track record in business for over 55 years,” said Tim Vanover, Director of Business Development at PRIDE Industries.


Staff shortages may also help explain increased search volumes related to facilities management. As organizations compete to attract and retain labor, searches for “assistant facilities manager jobs” are up by 190 percent, according to Google Trends. In addition, searches for “facility manager jobs” are up by 40 percent.


As a facilities manager, it’s important to protect both workers and customers. Hiring a reputable facilities management company that follows OSHA and CDC guidance—while pursuing a consistent standard of excellence—is key to growing your business post-pandemic.

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