We are confident that PRIDE Industries’ portfolio of services will meet your needs, whether you are in the commercial or federal sector; a start-up or a large Fortune 100 company.

Integrated Facilities Management

PRIDE Industries provides cost-effective facilities management solutions that protect your people and your assets while creating the ideal workspace.

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Custodial & Environmental Services

Our high-quality, cost-effective custodial solutions will allow your facility to operate in top shape while supporting environmental and social sustainability.

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Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

PRIDE offers ITAR-registered kitting, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution services to Aerospace, Defense, and Federal customers. Our long history of partnership with government entities means that we have long-established capabilities in secure, top-quality manufacturing of sensitive products.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

PRIDE Industries works across multiple technology sectors and delivers flexible, cost-effective, and customized solutions to meet your manufacturing, testing, and shipping needs.

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Supply Chain Management

Choose PRIDE Industries to manage your supply chain. We have provided innovative, technology-driven supply chain management services to organizations worldwide for more than 30 years.

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Kitting, Fulfillment & Distribution Services

In addition to our supply chain management services, PRIDE Industries offers comprehensive kitting, packaging, order fulfillment, and distribution services across a wide range of products and markets.

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Inclusive Talent Solutions

PRIDE Industries’ Inclusive Talent Solutions is your partner in hiring talented and motivated employees with disabilities. We not only provide the talent, but we train, coach, and support them for ongoing success through our unique process honed over 50 years of experience.

Outsourced Workforce Solutions

Does your organization need extra help? PRIDE’s Outsourced Workforce Solutions provides flexible support for special projects outside the scope of your current staff.

Full-Service Printing Solutions

To promote your brand across multiple channels, PRIDE offers a full range of quality design, print, packaging, and mail management solutions. Our experts are up-to-date on the latest technology and mail compliance and regulations to get your brand noticed and save your organization money.

PPE Kit Supplier

PRIDE and Golden California Inc. have partnered to provide PPEMe, FDA-approved personal protective equipment. PPEMe is one of the select entities authorized to supply the State of California with PPE products sourced overseas during the COVID-19 crisis.