It takes more than a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to keep someone like Sam Azevedo down. When Sam was referred to PRIDE Industries’ employment program for people with autism in Modesto, CA, it was clear that he was determined to get a job. He worked with his job coach and, instead of applying for one job every day as another motivated job seeker might do, Sam applied for five jobs a day and as many as 40 in a week.

Job Coaching Programs for People with Autism

Highly skilled, upbeat, and determined, Sam put every ounce of effort into getting a job. And the search yielded many interviews for Sam. However, like many people on the autism spectrum, he has a hard time with social cues and interactions. which made interviewing difficult. It took several months of diligent searching and interviewing—as well as training and coaching from PRIDE—before he landed a position as a courtesy clerk at Grocery Outlet.

During Sam’s journey to employment, PRIDE Industries’ employment program provided amazing help. 

The job has turned out to be worth the effort and wait. Grocery Outlet is a family-owned store that carries that sense of family to its employees and customers. After almost a year on the job, Sam still loves his work.

“It really means a lot to have a job because I am on a regular schedule and making money with consistent hours,” says Sam.

The store’s loyal following of regular customers all know Sam by name, and many make a point of saying “hello” when they come into the shop. Owners Roger and Heidi Custer also have high praise for Sam and his work ethic. “Sam is delightful and an important part of our family,” says Roger. “And he’s an asset to our staff.”

How we can help

Wherever you are in your career journey, PRIDE Industries’ employment program for people with autism can help you land that first job or move ahead in your industry.
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