Like many young adults with disabilities, John* (name changed) struggled to find a job. After several months, John’s father was concerned that his son would never reach this important milestone of independence. Moreover, he feared that John was quickly running out of time. 


With this in mind, they reached out to PRIDE Industries’ Youth Services program. This program provides job coaching assistance and connects qualified candidates with local employment and internship opportunities.

Internship Opportunities and Job Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Then, things changed for the better when John met Carlos Perez, a PRIDE Industries Job Developer. Carlos worked one-on-one with John, teaching him fundamental skills for job success. As John worked with Carlos, his confidence grew, and he began making significant progress towards his goals.


However, the real challenge began when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, bringing hiring to a standstill. Despite this setback, Carlos was able to arrange a paid internship opportunity for John at Walgreens. Generous donors to The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation made this opportunity possible. With on-the-job coaching from PRIDE Industries, John is making progress in his new role. Significantly, he has impressed his manager, who is considering hiring him after the internship ends.

Partner with Youth Services

John got his foot in the door and is on track to accomplishing what he never thought was possible. If you’re a young adult with a disability or other barrier to employment and are struggling to find a job, PRIDE Industries can help you, too. Partner with Youth Services to learn new skills, find internship and job opportunities, access assistive technology on the job, receive ongoing support, and so much more.
John at his internship
John at his internship
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