“My Job Is the Heart of My Life.” Career Coaching Services Dedicated to Long-Term Success

“My Job Is the Heart of My Life.” Career Coaching Services Dedicated to Long-Term Success

For more than 20 years, Robert Teaff owned a swimming pool cleaning business. He encountered personal hardship and found himself facing homelessness. With a learning disability and limited resources, he sought assistance from PRIDE Industries’ career coaching services in the hopes of re-entering the workforce with a long-term career.  

Comprehensive Career Coaching Services

“I learned about PRIDE Industries while job searching on my own,” said Robert. “The mission to create jobs for people with disabilities and the opportunities for advancement all convinced me that it was a great company to work for. Through my Department of Rehabilitation Counselor, I was referred to PRIDE Industries’ Employment Services Office in Woodland, CA, in Spring 2019.”

At PRIDE Industries Robert connected with job coach Alissa Villegas to shape the skills needed to re-enter the job market, starting with building his resume from scratch.“When I first came to PRIDE Industries, I didn’t even have a resume, since I had never needed one,” Robert shared. With help from Alissa, he built his resume, honed his computer skills, and showcased his abilities to potential employers.

To help Robert reach his goal of working for PRIDE Industries, Alissa contacted PRIDE’s Recruiter at the Sacramento International Airport to recommend a job interview. In June 2019, Robert aced the interview and the recruiter hired him as a Custodian. “I felt so happy when I heard that I got the job; it was the best feeling in the world,” said Robert.

Job Coaches Dedicated to Post-Search Success

Once an applicant successfully searches for and lands a job, PRIDE Industries’ career services team provides ongoing support. This support ensures lasting success and satisfaction for the employee. 


HR Representative and Case Manager Tameka Rich and Job Coach John Edwards arranged job coaching sessions. These sessions checked in on Roberts progress at his new job. After only a month, Robert was already receiving comments through PRIDE’s First-Class Customer Service Program regarding his excellent work. 


“I feel appreciated and enjoy getting praised for what I do,” said Robert. “I am often thanked by people for cleaning the bathrooms so well and told that they are the cleanest they’ve ever seen.”


The following comment in particular called out Robert’s thoughtfulness:


“I have a temporary disability and needed to use the restroom, which was closed for cleaning. I asked through the taped-off section if the custodian could come to the entrance. After Robert saw I had a disability, he opened it up for me to use. This courtesy demonstrated Robert going above and beyond to accommodate me.”


Robert loves his job and is enthusiastic about his bright future. “I am proud to represent PRIDE Industries at the Sacramento Airport,” he said. “Without their help, I’d still be looking for a job today! My new goal is to work my way up to a custodial lead or supervisor, or possibly a job coach to help others with disabilities succeed in their jobs. With the earnings from this new job, I am also saving up money for a new apartment for my family and cat.”

“My job means everything to me. It’s the heart of my life. I feel worthy and confident.”

We can help you achieve your goals

PRIDE’s Job Developers assess each client’s strengths, abilities, and career interests to help make job placements through community employer connections.

“Despite my learning disability and being out of the formal job market for so long, I found that getting back in was an easy experience!”

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