Eytan Wallace of FOX 40 News in Sacramento presented a report on Granite Data Solutions in McClellan Park, which deals with IT lifecycle hardware management. Business owner Brigg Goodwin, who became disabled while in the U.S. Army, makes it a priority to hire fellow veterans.


The business also has a food packaging operation that hires many workers with developmental disabilities through their partnership with PRIDE Industries. Manager Rhea Lloyd describes the workers as “some of the most professional, dedicated, loyal crews” that she has ever met.

Roseville-based PRIDE Industries partners with Granite Data Solutions and many other companies to help people with disabilities find jobs.


“Everybody wins with an inclusive workforce like the one at Granite Data Solutions: veterans, people with disabilities, people of all abilities working together,” said Kat Maudru, the public relations manager at PRIDE Industries. “The benefits are 10 fold, 100 fold.”


Each time workers look up, they see flags representing the various branches of the U.S. military. Of course, the American flag is raised even higher. Goodwin said he hopes it brings each of his employees a sense of honor.


“I do have a special spot for all veterans. I always will,” he said.


If you know anyone who could be a good fit for this line of work, you’re asked to call PRIDE Industries’ I-AM-ABLE help line for veterans and disabled veterans at 1-844-426-2253.

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