“For 55 years, PRIDE Industries has provided business excellence with a social impact,” says Jeff Dern, President & Chief Executive Officer, of this pioneering social enterprise. “We provide competitive business services while pursuing our mission to create employment for people with disabilities.”


At the heart of PRIDE Industries’ 6,000 team members are 3,100 with disclosed disabilities. With National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in October, the company is launching a helpline and an awareness campaign to pursue their goal of creating 100,000 jobs for people with disabilities.


“Annually in October, the Department of Labor promotes NDEAM to educate the public about disability employment issues and to celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities. At PRIDE Industries, we take that concept even further,” says Leah Burdick, Chief Growth Officer. “Through print and online media, we strive to recognize our business partners for hiring people with disabilities or supporting an inclusive workforce.”

“NDEAM is important to us because one of our goals is to normalize workplace inclusion.”
– Jeff Dern, PRIDE Industries President & Chief Executive Officer

PRIDE Industries has launched the most comprehensive helpline of its kind. By dialing 844-I-AM-ABLE, people with disabilities can connect to helpful resources, job training, and employment opportunities. This helpline will be heavily promoted in California during NDEAM, with plans to expand nationally.


PRIDE Industries has created employment for thousands of people in jobs throughout this region over decades and encourages all employers to inspire other companies to include people with disabilities in their workplaces. “NDEAM is important to us because one of our goals is to normalize workplace inclusion,” explains Dern. “We do that all year, but this month is devoted to educate employers on why they should include people with disabilities when hiring.”


PRIDE Industries will continue its constant efforts to promote the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities, proving every day that their model for business excellence has a place for all abilities.

This article was originally published in Comstock’s Magazine in October 2021.

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