Lindsay McKean is one of the many people who has benefited from donations to the Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries foundation, which made it possible for her to participate in PRIDE’s job training programs for adults. Because of this, she was able to start a fulfilling new career. 

Job Training Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Lindsay began her career in the hospitality industry working at the front desk of a Holiday Inn. She absolutely loved the work, but due to a disability, it was increasingly difficult for her to stay on her feet all day. 


“I needed a different type of job,” she said. “I decided I wanted to work in an office—I’d be able to work with other people, and I wouldn’t have to stand all day. But there was a problem: I’d never been good with computers.” 


Fortunately, Lindsay’s advisor at the Department of Rehabilitation put her in touch with PRIDE Industries so she could participate in our job training program for adults with disabilities


“My Job Developer, Caryl Balko, supported my goals completely,” said Lindsay “Not only did she get me into a computer skills class, but she also told me that she knew I could do it.”

Beyond Job Training to Internship Success

It made all the difference for Lindsay to have someone rooting for her. With training, she became an expert in the Office 365 programs. Not long after, Caryl recommended her for an internship program at PRIDE’s corporate office, working at The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation.


“When I learned that the internship involved working on the donation campaign that had helped fund my training, I knew then that I really wanted the job,” Lindsay shared. “I was thrilled when I got the call telling me I’d landed the internship.”


“I’ve been working at PRIDE for about six weeks now, and with all the practice I’ve had, my computer skills are top-notch. It turns out that I was never bad at using computers—I just needed training and practice. My Job Developer Caryl saw that, and so does my supervisor Michele Bennyhoff.”

Move forward in your career

PRIDE Industries provides internships, job coaching and training programs, work transportation, assistive technology, and so much more for people with disabilities. Find out how we can help you pursue your career goals.

“My Job Developer, Caryl Balko, supported my goals completely. Not only did she get me into a computer skills class, but she also told me that she knew I could do it.”

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