We connect people who face barriers to employment—people with disabilities, veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors—with the services, support, and opportunities they need.

(844) I-AM-ABLE or (844) 426-2253

Call or contact a Helpline Advisor today. Together, we can navigate your path to meaningful employment. 


What to expect when you call

Step 1

Fill out the form or call the Helpline at (844) I-AM-ABLE (844-426-2253)

PRIDE Industries’ Employment Helpline is a free service to the community.

Step 2

A Helpline staff member will contact you within 48 business hours for a 5-10-minute structured intake to determine:
  • What are your needs? Typically support services, training, employment, or a combination. 
  • Is PRIDE Industries an appropriate fit to help with your needs? 
  • All information gathered is private and confidential.

step 3

After the intake, a member of the Helpline staff will contact you within 1-3 business days to discuss:
  • Available service support options. Should you need support services through a government agency, our Helpline staff will guide you through the process.
  • Employment/vocational training options.
  • Employment assessment and matching to available job opportunities.

step 4

Ongoing support
  • Depending on your situation, you and PRIDE Industries Helpline staff may be in ongoing communication with PRIDE Industries Helpline staff until you secure support services, training, or employment.
  • You may wish to join PRIDE Industries’ talent database to receive alerts about available job opportunities.

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