Mentoring Academy

A Framework to Build Inclusive Excellence for All Employees

The Mentoring Academy at PRIDE Industries

The Mentoring Academy for Inclusive Excellence strives to provide an effective framework, fortifying a creative and innovative mentoring program for employees. It is based on best practices that foster and advance personal, professional, and company growth.

Mission: The Mentoring Academy’s mission is to develop staff to reach their full potential, create a culture of interconnectedness, and advance the company’s mission to create employment for people with disabilities.

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Why is Mentoring Important?

Mentoring brings value at many levels for mentees, mentors, and PRIDE Industries. Mentees have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and insight from a seasoned employee who has achieved a level of expertise the mentee aspires to attain. Mentors have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of professional knowledge and skills through their instruction and facilitation of others. The organization can further develop and disseminate the wealth of talent, skill, and knowledge of its employees.

What is a Mentor?

"A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge with someone less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust"

"One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

PRIDE Industries Mentor Committee

  • Shannon Bloxham, Rehabilitation Director, Fort Johnson, Louisiana
  • Haydee Garzon, Human Resources Manager, Los Angeles, California
  • Bradley Geltz, Technical Instructor, Fort Johnson, Louisiana
  • Adrienne Lawson, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Roseville, California
  • Stephany Marshall, Rehabilitation Counselor, Fort Novosel, Alabama
  • Jaccara Sandanski, Human Resources Representative & Case Manager, Fort Johnson, Louisiana
  • Ross Whitaker, Facilities Rehabilitation Counselor, Fort Johnson, Louisiana

A career with PRIDE Industries is a career with PURPOSE.

Inspire. Engage. Collaborate.

PRIDE Industries believes in fostering an environment of inclusion, respect, and continual learning and development. To support this vision, we provide training and resources to our employees. New employees can enhance their onboarding experience with training about PRIDE Industries’ culture and expectations. Emerging and experienced leaders can access resources to find support for themselves and better guide and mentor others. And all employees can participate in an array of learning experiences that facilitate their professional growth. PRIDE Industries strives to create a collaborative partnership with employees, promoting connectivity and success throughout their careers.