Workplace Readiness

Preparing Employees for Lasting Success

PRIDE Industries offers opportunity for lasting employment for people with disabilities. Often overlooked and under- or unemployed, people with disabilities represent a large, untapped talent pool. Through personalized employment coaching and training, PRIDE Industries helps individuals realize their potential, contribute to their communities, and add to their employers’ success.

Support For All Levels of Ability

Training creates opportunity. PRIDE Industries offers pre-employment preparation and training based on an individual’s readiness to enter the workforce, their goals and needs. Our workplace readiness training provides a range of services and support:

  • Life Skills – preparing individuals to engage with society and the community, and equipping individuals with the skills needed to participate.
  • Job Skills – providing the skills training needed for success in the job market.
  • Vocational Skills – training for specific skills, as well as on-the job training.
  • Job coaching and support

Coaching For Growth

PRIDE Industries job coaches provide ongoing support and training to help employees become more independent and skilled in the workplace. PRIDE Industries training extends to our job coaches as well to ensure that they are continuously learning and growing to help people with disabilities meet today’s workforce needs.

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Building Supportive Work Environments

PRIDE Industries trains company leaders and front-line managers on how to build supportive and inclusive work environments for people of all abilities. Our programs pave the way for organizations to access the largest untapped employee segment of the labor market – and for people with employment obstacles to find success within those organizations.

Accessing Inclusive Talent with Ease

Single Point of Contact. Many organizations have trouble navigating when building an inclusive workforce. PRIDE Industries can help. We can serve as a single point of contact for accessing, training, and preparing your own organization for talent that meets your corporate responsibility and bottom-line goals. We work with an established network of nonprofits and state agencies across the country, putting proven programs of coaching, training, and workforce preparation to work for people often excluded from the workplace. Let us show you how.

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