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Complex or simple, across industries, machines, and devices, circuit boards are everywhere. And we rely on them to be effective and dependable. So when you trust your printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to a manufacturer you want to be confident the work is going to be done efficiently and correctly. Our PCBA Manufacturing services could be the answer you are looking for!

There are many stages to getting a PCB assembled and ready for the device it was designed for. That’s why it’s important to work with a manufacturer who is skilled both in engineering and customer relations. Using a manufacturer with an experienced team available to discuss technical issues, prototype procedures, and source quality materials is key to a successful product. At PRIDE Industries our team, including in-house SMT engineers, provide quality products, quality customer service, and timely production. Our prototyping services exceed industry standards; turning around prototypes in 3 to 5 days, and even two days in some cases. Not only that, our first pass yield rates are consistently above 98%. Our PCBA testing is rigorous–we work to  ISO 9001 standards and ISO 13485 for the medical industry with certifications in both. With customer and quality in mind, we constantly strive to innovate and improve all parts of our service and production–making sure we always supply a best-in-class result.

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Proud recipient of Global SMT & Packaging Magazine’s 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award in the Contract Services category. This award recognizes PRIDE Industries’ innovation in electronics manufacturing processes, engineering services, and strategic supplier management.

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