Materials Management

Ensuring Superior Quality, Sufficient Quantity, and Suitable Prices

The Importance of Material Management

Even though your product is more than the sum of its parts, it’s still important that those parts or materials are of the best quality, and priced right. Finding a supplier who can source quality, forecast quantity, and predict timing when it comes to getting materials will make a big difference when bringing a product to market. Our materials management solutions will ensure your project is set up for success.

For over 30 years materials management at PRIDE Industries has meant making it a priority to source parts for our customers that are the the best fit, quality and compatibility. We are able to do this through the strong relationships we have built up with a range of vendors. In fact, we have active relationships with 200 discrete suppliers allowing us direct access to the resources you need. Whatever your product, we can offer a materials management plan based on a detailed analysis of your BOM that will ensure components and materials can be reliably sourced and will meet the quality, compliance, and performance you need.

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Materials Management Common Questions

Material management is a key part of supply chain management and manufacturing. It involves planning and management of parts and raw materials needed for production. This can include calculating demand and setting up suitable supply chains, quality control, inventory management and timely stock replenishment.

A materials manager plans for the demand of parts needed for production. This involves setting up suitable supply chains, quality control of materials, inventory management, and timely stock replenishment.

The purpose of materials management is to provide the necessary materials needed to meet demand at the right price, and quality. Without professional management supply chains can be lost, and inventory can be mismanaged with costly repercussions.

Functions of materials management involve planning for material demand, communications and set up with supply chains, quality assurance and control, logistics and transportation, inventory control and even component waste management.

The core aim of materials management is to ensure that suitably priced, quality materials are available without interruption for ongoing production.

Materials management begins with planning for demand. Knowing the materials needed at the right price and right time starts with understanding the demand. Knowing demand involves forecasting and is an ongoing phase of materials management.

Ensure demand is met and production is seamless. Shortages or delays in the supply of materials are costly. With correct planning and organization materials management can provide the precise resources at the precise time.

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