Job Skills Training

Inclusive Workforce Solutions That Drive Business Success.

PRIDE Industries designs and delivers exceptional workforce talent and training solutions that create opportunity, social impact, and competitive advantage. PRIDE Industries creates jobs for people who experience barriers to employment, including those with disabilities, veterans, and foster youth. Through personalized employment coaching, job skills training and job placement services, PRIDE Industries helps these individuals realize their true potential, contribute to their communities, and support successful teams

Specialized Skills Training

Whether you are looking to hire for a specific skill set or need to train small to larger groups on a new set of skills, PRIDE Industries can help you. PRIDE Industries offers skills labs focused on industry-specific or general skill sets. Inquire to learn more about our library of courses.

Access Inclusive Talent with Ease

A desire to do good does not always come with a playbook. PRIDE  Industries can help you build an effective and inclusive workforce that meets your corporate responsibility and bottom-line goals. We work with an established network of nonprofits and state agencies across the country, putting proven programs of coaching, training, and workforce preparation to work for people often excluded from the workplace. The result: highly motivated teams with high retention rates and low absenteeism that add value to your organization. 

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Ongoing Job Skills
Training and Development

PRIDE Industries provides individual and group training to meet the needs of employees throughout the lifecycle of their employment journey. We provide on-the-job support, and on-going training if needed, to help ensure lasting employment and success.

Partner with PRIDE Industries

Studies show that inclusive work environments help businesses outperform their competition, building brand loyalty while making a positive community impact. PRIDE Industries trains, coaches, and supports our employees with disabilities for on-going success. Let us help you do the same.

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Discover available job skills training programs for your team.