Recycling and Waste Management Services

Helping to Improve the Way Your Facility Manages Waste

Helping to Improve the Way Your Facility Views Recycling and Waste Management

Examining how recycling and waste management are handled within your facility may not be at the top of your list, but many companies have found making just small changes in their waste/recycling programs can really make a difference. Reducing and recycling waste can save you money on raw materials, reduce pollution and also add to your brand image. However, there are some challenges including getting tenants, employees, or occupants of your facility to help with the process.  

At PRIDE Industries, our janitorial services include waste management recycling programs that will help you to get material separated, collected, or put aside for reuse across your facilities. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we have worked with customers and have helped to increase recycling to as much as 90% up from zero! Our recycling protocols will make it easy for employees or occupants of your building to recycle and reduce waste. With the experience of cleaning 26 million square feet of facilities, and as a two-time recipient of the  DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability, we know how to implement waste management and commercial recycling programs that will suit the needs and resources of your facilities.

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CIMS Green Building certification demonstrates an organization’s capability to assist customers in achieving LEED EB points and offers customers assurance that the organization they select is prepared to partner with them in the LEED process.

Recycling and Waste Management Case Study

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When this federal agency needed to implement a recycling program at four historic government buildings, it turned to PRIDE Industries. Today, the GSA recycles 90% of the waste generated by these office buildings.

Our Award-Winning Custodial Services

PRIDE Industries has a track record of success in custodial services. With our state-of-the-art systems and trained technicians, we can meet all your cleaning and janitorial needs. As a two-time winner of the DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability, we are committed to the highest quality green cleaning as well as continuous improvements across all our custodial services.

With the use of our innovative PRIDEClean® products (designed according to the EPA’s Safer Choice standards), we have cleaned 26 million square feet of facilities including more than 3.6 million square feet of LEED-compliant facilities. Both our custodial services and our cleaning protocols are certified by the Cleaning Industry Management Standards for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB) to support LEED-compliant buildings. Additionally, we are one of the .02% of U.S. custodial businesses that have achieved the (CIMS-GB) vendor certification, meaning we can help you achieve the green cleaning credits needed to get your facility LEED certified.

Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning Services

With our unique PRIDEClean® commercial disinfectant we can safely clean and disinfect even difficult, high-touch areas.

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Our sanitizing agents eliminate dangerous pathogens—including coronavirus—and keep killing germs for hours afterwards.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

We can safely clean any kind of flooring, including terrazzo, tile, and natural stone.

Data Center and Cleanroom Cleaning Services

We use specialized filters and stringent anti-contamination protocols to ensure that sensitive rooms remain particulate-free.

Event Cleaning Services

Our experienced custodians can provide unobtrusive janitorial services during your event and a quick clean-up afterwards.

Commercial Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Our experienced technicians expertly clean windows, exterior artwork, and other decorative surfaces safely and thoroughly.

Parking Lot and Garage Services

Our technicians will keep all your spaces free of dirt and trash. In the winter, count on us for expert snow and ice removal.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

Lower OSHA Incidence Rate vs. National Industry Standard

Our sterling safety record minimizes work interruptions and lowers related costs for our customers.

Get started with our high-quality, cost-effective recycling and waste management services.

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