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With all the hard work involved in developing and designing an electronic product, it’s important to know that failure won’t come from poor harnessing. Cable and wires are small but vital elements that must be assembled correctly every time. When manufacturing at high volumes and using standard connections cable and harness assemblies are usually done with an automated press. However, more complicated or non-standard connections, such as a 5-pin, can be more cost-effective if done manually. Knowing your electronics manufacturer has the tools, know-how, and flexibility to accommodate manual and automated tooling for your device will be integral to the NRE cost and the later success of your product. Our cable and harness assembly services will ensure your components are in good hands. 

PRIDE Industries has years of experience in electronics manufacturing and cable and harness assembly across a range of industries. We have in-house SMTA engineers who can advise when certain crimp terminals would be better done manually, due to the intricacy of the terminal, volume, or cost. With a large library of manual tools available and customizable facilities, we can offer versatility and cost savings when it comes to prototyping and low volume requirements. And because we set our standards high, with IPC inspections and ISO certifications for quality control, you can rely on us to get your product right.

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PRIDE Industries was awarded the Infor Customer Excellence Award for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing for 2022 by Infor, the industry cloud company. These annual awards recognize customers that drive innovation and showcase exceptional business results.

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