LINCOLN, Calif. (KCRA) —Thunder Valley Hotel and Casino recently installed a 6,000-square-foot in-house laundry facility that can process more than 1,000 pounds of laundry every hour.


“This is huge. Previously we were trucking all our laundry to a facility 90 miles away in Napa and this switch allows us to keep the laundry in-house and offers much greater quality control,” Thunder Valley’s vice president of hotel operations, Joel Moore, said.


But for Anthony Peters, the far more significant aspect of the new laundry facility is the people who were offered jobs because of this switch. Thunder Valley partnered with Pride Industries to hire 30 people with disabilities to fill the new laundry-related jobs.


“I was all happy and jumping up for joy to get to do something more better,” Peters said. “That way they can have confidence in us and can hire us out (in the community) more. “Peters’ co-workers were equally excited and thankful to have the opportunity to land jobs with benefits.


“It’s pretty cool. It gives me a good opportunity to show that I can work,” Demetrius Adkins said.


After an initial learning curve, Moore said the difference since opening the new facility is night and day.


“Wow. Pride is a great partnership,” Moore said. “Just a perfect match. It’s what we needed.”

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