ROSEVILLE – Senior Vice President of PRIDE Industries, Fred Smith was recently recognized for management excellence by the National Council of Work Centers (NCWC).  The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and management by significantly enhancing employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. The award was presented to Smith at the NISH National Training and Achievement Conference in Atlanta, GA on May 12, 2009.


The NCWC is an independent network of executives representing nonprofit agencies that manufacture products or provide services under the AbilityOne Program – a public/private partnership dedicated to providing employment opportunities for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities.


The NCWC acts as a liaison between the nonprofit community and NISH. NISH is a national nonprofit agency whose mission is to create employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities by securing Federal contracts through the AbilityOne Program for its network of community-based, nonprofit agencies.


Smith was recognized for his leadership in creating jobs for people with disabilities across the country.  Under Smith’s leadership, PRIDE significantly increased its partnership with AbiltyOne, expanded its national footprint in supported employment services, and advanced education and advocacy efforts in support of job creation for people with disabilities.


Following a 20+ year career as a decorated U.S. Army Officer, Smith dedicated himself to job creation for people with disabilities, demonstrating his commitment to the welfare of others.  Characteristically humble, Smith defers to his team. “This is truly a group effort. The work we do could not happen without the support of many dedicated people,” said Smith. “At PRIDE Industries, we shift the focus from disability to ability, and prove everyday that we can accomplish anything when given the opportunity.”


“Fred Smith’s accomplishments have had a positive impact on the expansion of jobs for people with disabilities across our nation,” said Mike Ziegler, President and CEO of PRIDE Industries. “Fred is a dynamic and committed leader who has dedicated his skills, talents and countless hours to the creation of jobs that help move people with disabilities from dependence to independence. He is richly deserving of this recognition.”

About PRIDE Industries:

PRIDE Industries is a nonprofit organization providing a variety of business solutions to meet the manufacturing and service needs of companies nationwide. PRIDE employs more than 4,300 individuals across 10 states and in the nation’s capitol, including more than 2,700 people with disabilities. PRIDE is a self-sustaining business with over $150 million in annual revenue and ranks as the third largest manufacturing and service company in the greater Sacramento region.  Founded in 1966, PRIDE is headquartered in Roseville, CA.

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