The nonprofit social enterprise is acknowledged for sustained support in advancing workplace diversity and inclusion

Roseville, Calif. — PRIDE Industries has been recognized by the Forum on Workplace Inclusion (The Forum) in its 2022 Diversity Awards as a Winds of Change Award honorable mention.


The Forum’s Winds of Change Award goes to an individual, organization, or group that:

  • Has demonstrated sustained support for advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Has raised awareness of workplace diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Has been a catalyst for change regarding workplace diversity and inclusion and/or has impacted change within an industry, organization, or local community.

PRIDE Industries provides employment placement services for people with disabilities and trains people and organizations on how to build an inclusive workplace culture. More than 50 percent of PRIDE Industries’ workforce has a disclosed disability, demonstrating the success of an inclusive workforce model across multiple industries. The nonprofit social enterprise partners with hundreds of businesses to place people with disabilities in open positions while providing job coaching and support.


A pioneer in the inclusivity movement, PRIDE Industries’ influence stretches from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations. Their impact also reaches veterans and former foster youth, through their Veterans Employment Advantage Program and Foster Youth Liaisons, respectively.


In 2021, PRIDE Industries launched a one-of-a-kind, free I AM ABLE Employment Helpline, connecting people with disabilities to support services and employment opportunities. Helpline support is offered in both English and Spanish. 


Also in 2021, PRIDE Industries’ CEO Jeff Dern signed the CEO Action Pledge (CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion ™), committing himself and PRIDE Industries to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Since 2008, The Forum’s Diversity Awards Program has recognized individuals or organizations showcasing exemplary insight and fortitude in the area of workplace diversity. Nominations are submitted for individuals, organizations, or a group within an organization such as an Employee Resource Group or Diversity Council.

About PRIDE Industries

PRIDE Industries delivers business excellence with a positive social impact. A social enterprise, we provide facilities operations and maintenance services, custodial services, contract manufacturing, supply chain management, packaging and fulfillment services, and staffing and recruitment services to private and public organizations nationwide. Founded in 1966, PRIDE Industries’ mission is to create employment for people with disabilities. Through personalized employment services, we help individuals realize their true potential and lead more independent lives. PRIDE Industries proves the value of its inclusive workforce model through operational success across multiple industries every day. Learn more at

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PRIDE Industries is a social enterprise delivering business excellence to public and private organizations nationwide.