From our corporate office to local community businesses, from the Central Valley of California to the shores of New Jersey, the women of PRIDE Industries have come from all walks of life to make a difference.


For more than fifty years, women at PRIDE Industries have worked in a variety of roles, departments, and environments—both as employees of PRIDE Industries and as valued team members at customer facilities across the country.


Their work takes them to military bases, gyms, grocery stores, senior living communities, restaurants, corporate offices, and—during the COVID-19 pandemic— virtual work environments. They hold titles like Materials Coordinator, Quality Control Inspector, Job Coach, Custodian, Production Control Lead, Retail Associate, Accounting Clerk, Job Developer, Rehabilitation Counselor, Human Resources Director, Marketing Manager, Chief Growth Officer, General Maintenance Worker, Director of Diversity, Cashier, Content Writer, Home Health Aide, and Vice President of Procurement—to name only a handful.

Women Promote and Live PRIDE Industries’ Mission

In each role, they promote or live out PRIDE Industries’ mission: To create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

As 60 percent of PRIDE Industries’ workforce is comprised of people with disabilities—visible and invisible, at all levels of employment—many of PRIDE Industries’ female employees have overcome great obstacles on their path to a career. Some have aged out of the foster care system. Others have navigated life on the autism spectrum. And, many have lived with developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and physical challenges.

Among PRIDE Industries’ nondisabled women employees, many have nevertheless been personally involved in disability issues, sometimes because they wish to support a family member with a disability, and sometimes simply because they believe in equal access for everyone.

But no matter their personal journeys, all the women at PRIDE Industries today have lived life in a world where women’s contributions are too often minimized or overlooked.

At PRIDE Industries, our commitment to inclusion bears in mind women’s history—both personal and societal—as well as the trajectory of those histories. We also recognize the important contributions of our female employees in enabling PRIDE Industries to fulfill its mission and to deliver business excellence with a social impact. Today, we ask you to join us in celebrating these women, as we honor the paths that brought them here and applaud the amazing work they do every day.

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